Spicy Salmon Roll

Spicy Salmon Roll – a simple recipe for making the best spicy salmon rolls at home! Perfect for a fun dinner option or add to your next sushi party with friends!

This fresh & delicious Spicy Salmon Roll is made with fluffy sushi rice, sushi-grade salmon tossed in sriracha, and fresh avocado! Homemade sushi rolls are actually easier than you think and a lot less expensive than sushi takeout.

The Best Spicy Salmon Roll

The coolness of fresh salmon and avocado mixed with the heat of sriracha are a match made in heaven. Sushi chefs have spent years perfecting the art of making sushi and, let’s be honest, you and me aren’t at that level BUT sometimes it is so fun to make your own at home! We have been rolling our own sushi for about 10+ years so we are excited to finally put our favorite method into writing – this is clearly an Americanized version of traditional Japanese sushi-making and if you want to truly enjoy the authentic version head out and find yourself a talented sushi chef at local sushi restaurants!

What You Will Need

  • sushi rice – we have a super easy sushi rice recipe that is delicious and simple to follow.
  • raw salmon – we can typically find some sushi-grade fish at our local grocery store or you can try a fresh seafood store.
  • sriracha – toss as much hot sauce as you want with the salmon for a little bit of a kick! It’s the best part!
  • nori seaweed sheets – these are the traditional seaweed sheets that are used to roll up sushi rolls.
  • avocado slices – this fresh ingredient is the perfect compliment to the spicy salmon.
  • filling options – we love using avocado, but you could also add cucumber, green onion, and/or fresh carrots.
  • serving options – feel free to serve with black sesame seeds, soy sauce, wasabi, and/or some sriracha mayo!

How To Make A Spicy Salmon Roll

To start making this easy sushi roll, you will need to prep all the filling ingredients. Cut the fresh strip of fish into large chunks and toss with sriracha in a small bowl.

Then easily cut the avocado into strips.

Now get a bamboo sushi mat and place the nori sheet on top, shiny side down. Use a spoon to spread an even layer of sticky rice on top, leaving the top inch of the sheet empty.

Carefully flip the nori sheet over so that the inch without the rice is closest to you.

Add the filling ingredients to the end closest to you.

Lift the bottom of the nori sheet up over the filling ingredients.

Use the bamboo sheet to start rolling up the sushi roll – try to keep this process as tight as possible without squeezing too tight where the filling starts coming out. Make sure you pull the bamboo sheet out slightly as you go so that it doesn’t get rolled up inside the sushi roll.

Keep this tuck & pull process going until the entire sushi roll has been rolled up, nice and tight.

Use a sharp knife to cut it into pieces on a cutting board.

Pro tip: keep a bowl of water nearby (preferably with warm water) to dip your knife into to help keep it clean – this will help making clean cuts.

Best Ways To Enjoy A Spicy Salmon Roll

These spicy salmon sushi rolls are delicious all on their own but if you are looking to add even more spice, you could serve with our simple spicy mayo! Or keep it simple with a small dish of soy sauce or a little bit of wasabi or pickled ginger on the side.

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