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Made famous by their Matcha Mille Crepes, KOVA PATISSERIE is the new trendy patisserie in London. Blowing up all over my Instagram feed. The thousands of pictures of their very photogenic cakes could convert any Matcha-skeptic into a real Matcha’ddict (that’s a lame one I know).

KOVA PATISSERIE is a café offering what they describe as hand made cakes with a Japanese twist and organic Japanese teas.


Matcha Mille Crepes and Matcha Tiramisu

Their Signature Cake, the Mille Crepes, is composed of multiple layers of French crepe with light custard cream filling between each layer.

Beautifully structured, the Matcha version is pleasure for the eyes and a promise of delight for the palate.

This new trendy patisserie piqued my curiosity with the eternal question: Is it as good as it looks? Honestly, it looks quite appetizing.


Chocolate butterscotch Tart and Matcha Cake Roll

It was time for Le Captain to pay of visit to the shop and review their patisserie.

KOVA PATISSERIE is based in the heart of Soho, one of London’s Foodies favorite HQ.

If you are not familiar with London, Soho is one of the trendiest “place to be” in the capital. Something similar to Le Marais in Paris. The place is filled with dozens of nice restaurants and shops, a must try if you visit London.

KOVA’s shop is located in the narrow St Anne’s court which is not easy to spot at first. (Trust me, my first attempt to visit the shop has lamentably failed due to a lack of battery on my Phone #GenerationGoogleMaps…).


At first, what we notice is that the shop is definitely not big, rather tight. The design is nice, simple, sober, almost minimalist. There is probably around twelve to fifteen seats in the cafe. It’s not the kind of place where i would recommend you to spend an afternoon reading or working on your laptop (Unless you like this type of atmosphere).

The staff is welcoming and the counter is filled with a variety of fresh hand-made cakes. Some of the cakes are more appealing than others to my eyes, but I came here for the Mille Feuilles in mind so the choice was already made.


Selection of Cakes at KOVA PATISSERIE


Before taking a Mille feuilles a emporter. i decided to quickly sit-in and try their Matcha Latte.

Their teas are all organic and the Waiter kindly advised me that the Matcha Latte is made of Almond milk (which is perfect for me) and contains no additional Sugar (+2, Take that Starbuck!).

It costs £3.20 to take in. That’s aligned with the average price in London for that type of drinks.


Their delicious Organic Matcha Latte

The Tea arrived quickly, well served in a beautiful earthen tea cup. The temperature of the tea was perfect, not too hot nor too cold. The taste of the Matcha was well present and perfectly balanced by the warmth of the almond milk. The top of the drink was creamy with a nice froth, signature of a good Matcha.

I highly recommend you to try this Matcha Latte if you decide to eat in.

After a bit of wandering in Soho i was back home with my Matcha Mille feuilles and it was time for the review (I was literally drooling over while rushing the stairs to my flat, thinking about the cake,… Food tasting can be dangerous sometimes…).

Price wise, the cake is £5.50 to take away and £6.60 to eat in which is correct but not cheap.


Matcha Mille Crepes, time for the degustation!

Back to the review,

Disclaimer : for all the picky Foodies right here, i see you coming..,  at that price we know that  it won’t be a Cedric Grolet’s masterpiece. Read the review accordingly

Just by digging into the cake with a spoon we understand that the texture is kind of unique and promising.

At first bite, the Mille Feuilles fulfil it’s promises. fluffy, light, Airy, Tasty. The superposition of several layers of cream and crepes give to this cake a unique texture. The Cream is perfect, nothing compared to these fatty American cream cake that can choke you with one bite (you know the one i am talking about).

The Matcha flavour is well balanced, present but not overwhelming. Same for the sweetness, well adjusted. They have been able to create a perfect stability between the flavor of the tea, the sugar and the feathery texture of the several layers of Crepes and cream.

The size of the portion is perfect, not too big nor too small. Just what we want , enough to fill your appetite without making you disgusted.

For information they also serve the Mille Crepes in party size for 8 to 10 servings. It costs £42  and you need to order it 3 days in advance. It can be a original idea for a dinner of party cake.


Conclusion : 

KOVA PATISSERIE has been able to revisit the traditional French MilleFeuille and create a successful fusion between French and Japanese patisserie. The strength of the Matcha Mille Feuilles reside in his well balanced composition and unique texture.

This attempt is a success and I am really looking forward to see what KOVA PATISSERIE will come up with in the future. In the meantime, I can only recommend you to visit their cafe and have a go with the  Mille Feuilles.

Overall : 4/5  rating

Taste : 4/5

Price for value : 4/5

Café : 3/5




Information :


Opening Hours :

  • Monday to Thursday : 12:00 – 20:00
  • Friday & Saturday : 12:00 – 21:30
  • Sunday : 12:00 – 18:00




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