Top 5 Must try cakes in Paris 2017

5 Must-try Cakes in Paris 2017

Paris is well known for being the capital of Gourmet. The City of love gathers all the most renowned Chefs and restaurants in the world. It is considered (at least by the French) the cradle of gastronomy and a mandatory stop for every Foodie.

Paris is experiencing those past few years a revival of Patisserie through the impulse of creative chefs such as Christophe Michalak, Cedric Grolet or Nicolas Bacheyre. These visionaries are redefining the trends and pushing the industry beyond the boundaries of imagination and taste.

If you have the chance to visit Paris this year, here is a list of 5 Cakes you must try during your stay.


1 – Gâteaux Thoumieux : Paris-Brest Sesame.

Paris-Brest Sésame. Credit - Gâteaux Thoumieux
Paris-Brest Sésame. Credit – Gâteaux Thoumieux

Gateaux Thoumieux is a Patisserie Located 58 rue Saint-Dominique in the 7th arrondissement. They are revisiting classic pastries and cakes within their elegant and chic patisserie. It’s a well known stop for the cakes addict in Paris.

The talented pastry chef Alexis Lecoffre has revisited the Paris brest to offer us a sensational experience. The Paris-Brest Sésame creation is as delicious as it looks. The taste of the sesame seeds is intense and absolutely tantalizing.  The choux pastry is pure heaven!  An absolute Coup de coeur as they say in France.

For 6.50€ consider yourself in for a treat.

2- Le Meurice (Dali) : Black Lemon

black lemon cake cedric grolet
Black Lemon – Credit : Instagram @cedricgrolet

Cedric Grolet is a Pastry genius. Chef Pâtissier at Le Meurice, he is the new overly tweeted and regramed sensation behind many impressive creation such as the Rubik’s cube edible creation.

When he is not updating his Instagram feed, you can find him expressing his art in the kitchen at le Meurice / Dali.
The restaurant le Dalí is an homage made to Salvador Dalí. Recently redesigned by Philippe Starck, it is a perfect stop for a light meal, a dessert or an afternoon tea.

The Black Lemon is Cedric Grolet new masterpiece. It is largely inspired by one of his previous creation : Le Lemon (Le citron).

He added a twist to the previous version with the use of Timut pepper. If you haven’t tried the Lemon before, the principe is the following : a fragile edible shell that you break to discover a divine finger licking lemon marmelade. A mouthwatering piece of art.

The Black Lemon is available for 18€ at le Dali.


3 – Patisserie Michalak : Mon Koeur

mon Koeur
Mon Koeur – Credit patisserie Michalak

Christophe Michalak is the Bradley Cooper of French Patisserie (the ressemblance is really confusing). Good Looking, Celeb TV personality, successful in his career, he has been previously awarded the titled of World’s best pastry chef.

He has open several fancy Patisserie within Paris (Le Marais, Saint Germain-des-pres, Poissonniere).

His new creation in 2017 is a delicate Chocolate cake created for Valentine’s day around the concept of love. Mon Koeur (My Heart) has the shape of a delicate Rose. Mon Koeur is composed of a soft chocolate cake with notes of mangoes, passion fruits and yuzu. The top is covered by a chocolate mousse and red velvet. Do i need to say more ? A visual prowess and an absolute pleasure for the palate.

A sweet treat available for 9€.

4 – L’éclair de Génie : Vanille Pecan

leclair de genie vanille pecan
L’Eclair Vanille Pecan – Credit : @leclairdegenieofficiel

L’Eclair de Génie took Paris by storm in 2012 by revisiting L’Eclair, an oblong pastry made with choux dough filled with a cream and topped with icing.

The team at L’Eclair de Génie has developed a successful concept focused almost exclusively around this pastry. A creative challenge aiming to upgrade and enhance the Eclair with contemporary creations. The bet has been a success and they have developed several boutiques within Paris (Pavée, Reaumur, Le BHV Marais,…)

The Patisserie is managed by Christophe Adam, elected Chef of the Year 2014 by the famous Pudlo Guide. His creativity has become a global phenomena over the past few years, and his brand has travelled as far as the country of rising sun. A lightning strike success in just a few years.

If you have the chance to visit one of their address in Paris, i can only recommend you to try their Vanilla Pecan Eclair.

The Vanilla Pecan eclair is composed of Madagascar vanilla cream, topped with caramelised pecan nuts. It’s a perfect combination of texture and flavours. Crispy, creamy, Nutty, Caramel, Vanilla,.. in one word Mar-ve-lous ! The pastry is named l’Eclair because you eat it in a flash, and now we understand why.

The experience will costs you 6€ and you will probably ask for more.

5 – La Patisserie des rêves : Grand Cru Vanille

La Patisserie des rêves first boutique was born in 2009, in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, 93 rue du Bac. Since then, the boutique has became one of the most popular patisserie in France. La patisserie des rêves has a charming Disney-like dreamy design, “a place for slipping back in your childhood”,  their offering emphasis a concept based on “Creator of gourmet memories”.

Philippe Conticini is one of the visionary man behind this success. He is an icon of french pastry and a creative genius. His talent has helped elevate this patisserie to a worldwide recognition. Philippe Conticini left the business end of 2016 and the organisation is now managed by Daniel Mercier a well renowned chocolatier.

The Vanilla Grand Cru is a sophisticated creation revolving around Vanilla : subtly crunchy duja vanilla; vanilla sponge; creamy black vanilla filling; white chocolate and vanilla mousse. This cake is an ode to Vanilla and a delightful treat which makes every Vanilla-addict Dream come true.

Available in different size (6 people or individual), the individual part will cost you 8.40€

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