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HipChips : Crisps and Dips paradise

 HipChips Crisps Dips Paradise

You are a secret Crisps lover,…  You dream every nights of a wonderland shop where you could satisfy your crave for crisps by covering them with all kind of elaborated dipping ? HipChips is here for you.

Hipchips is a concept store revolving exclusively around Crisps and Dips. If you used to consider chips solely as a side dish to go with some Ribs or Wings on a  Sunday Netflix session, think again… Hipchips is here to prove you wrong

I was getting my Coffee fix at the best coffee shop in London (Algerian Coffee Store not to mention any names) in Old Compton Street, when i decided it was time to review HipChips concept store and their premium Crisps.

 Hipchips, Who are They ?

The man behind the concept is Scott Davis, a welsh Chef who have been working with Marco Pierre White and Gordon Ramsey just to name a few.

Scott Davis has been elaborating this concept with two associates for the past two years. The idea was to elevate the Crisps from a simple side dish to something more premium and attractive.  (Another chef creating a concept by revisiting a classic, simple dish).

The store has opened in October 2016 in the trendy heart of Soho , Old Compton Street. The store is lovely and welcoming. I have to admit that i won’t be surprise if we find plenty of other HipChips stores around London in the years coming.

Heritage Potatoes, Anyone ?


HipChips Crisps Dips Paradise
A wide variety of Potatoes

The concept behind HipChips is simple, premium gourmet Crisps and a wide variety of delicious dips.

The choice of potatoes is well elaborated and seasonal. You will have the opportunity to taste different varieties of “Grand Cru” potatoes mixed together : Highland Burgundy 1936, Red Emmalie, Violetta, Pink Fur Apple, 1850, Salade Blue 1900, Red Duke of York, 1942 and so on …  (I never knew Potatoes’ name could be so appealing).

You will have to choose between Sweet or Savoury for your crisps. Then, you will have to decide between a large selection of dips divided in sweet and savoury category :  Baba Ghanoush, Moroccan Yogourt, Katsu Curry, PB&J, Campfire S’Mores, CheeseCake, just to name a few. You can have a look at their website for the full list of dips options.

In terms of price :

  • A small portion of crisps with two dips will cost you £4.50.
  • A medium box with three dips : £6.75
  • A large box with six dips : £11.50

(It’s obviously expensive for Crisps!) 

HipChips Review

I decided to take a Small portion of sweet crisps with two dips. The girl managing the shop that day recommended me to go with PB&J and Chocolate Salted caramel for the dips (Well done!).

HipChips Crisps Dips Paradise
Small potion, sweet crisps with PB&J and Chocolate salted caramel dips

First of all, the presentation within the box is lovely and well elaborated. Perfect for a take away. The size of the smallest portion is enough for one person and the dips serving are really generous.

The sweet crisps are delicious. Thin, crispy, not overly sweet. It is hard, if not impossible to stop when you start eating them. The Dips are also quite good, i was really pleased with the PB&J, a bit less with the chocolate Salted Caramel, it can quickly become repulsive if you eat too much of it. The portion of dips are large and i have finished my crisps way before my dips ! (Time to get the fingers in…)

In overall it is definitely the type of comfort food that i love. In a world where calories and getting fat does not exist, Hipchips would certainly reign as the legitimate king.

Value-wise, the experience is not cheap. Who is paying £4.50 for some crisps and two dips nowadays ? Some of you will say it is another testimony of the craziness of London, where expensive food concepts pop up everywhere. You could probably easily replicate the experience at home for a cheaper price. Hard to argue, i concede. However the shop is worth a try, both for the quality of the crisps and the variety of the dips.

It’s not the kind of shop where i would go every week but i will definitely go back every time i carve for some good home made crisps.

HipChips Crisps Dips Paradise

Conclusion :

  A crisps addict Paradise for some and probably my next perfect Hangover “comfort food” cure.

If the Crisps ain’t cheap, the concept is certainly worth a try.

I will be coming back to try more flavours !

Overall : 3/5
3 stars rating

Taste : 3/5

Price for value : 2/5

Concept & Creativity : 4/5

Information :

49 Old Compton Street, Soho, London, W1D 6HL

team@hipchips.com / 0203 875 3756


Opening Hours :

  • Monday to Thursday : 12:00 – 22:00
  • Friday & Saturday : 12:00 – 23:00
  • Sunday : 12:00 – 20:00

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