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London Food Month Festival 2017

The Evening Standard has recently announced the London Food Month Festival 2017. A month dedicated to what will be Britain’s biggest food festival (How exciting!).


london food month festival


London Food Month Festival, What is it ?

The evening standard is currently organising in June, London’s most ambitious Food Festival. The event will take place for a month, All around London, with hundreds of partners. This event will be the perfect occasion to welcome Summer, put some weight on and be entertained with food !

Who is behind the scene ?

The festival has been designed by two famous food critics Grace Dent and Tom Parker Bowles.
Grace Dent is an english journalist and novels author. She is also known for being a restaurant critic for the London Evening Standard.
Tom Parker Bowles is also a famous food critics and food writer. He is the author of several cookbooks and has won the Guild of Food Writers in 2010.

Obviously, they should be the right persons for the job. I am assuming that we can expect a lot from them for this first edition of the London Food Month Festival Festival.

What to Expect ?

London is one the biggest Foodie City in the world with a wide variety of diverse cuisine and talented chefs.

The London Food Month wants to reunite all of those talents and creativity around a month dedicated to what we love most : Food . The event should take place in June and famous chefs will be attending the event such as, Massimo Bottura, winner of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants with his restaurant Osteria Francescana.

LFM (i am already getting acquainted with it!), will be the biggest and hopefully tastiest celebration of Food in all the UK. We should expect hundreds of different events and animations taking place all over London. From Food trucks to Fancy restaurants, from Breakfast until late night dinners.

There is no program available at the moment however, as mentioned by the Standard, we know that the centrepiece of this festival will be a 12 evenings Night Market, directly inspired by the street food scene that we find all around London (Should we expect a King size version of Dinerama ?).

Aside experiencing food, we will also be able to participate in cooking masterclasses (Should we expect to see Massimo Bottura teach us how to make Pasta ?). Talks, performances, as well as events to raise awareness of food waste and responsibility with the participation of The Felix Project.

“The full schedule of events and official partners will be featured in the London Food Month programme that will be distributed with the London Evening Standard on May 2.”

The evening Standard has set the bar really high with what should be a unique experience. I am really looking forward the full details of the program and participant.

I will keep you posted.

You can also get updates on the festival on twitter @LondonFoodMonth &

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