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Compartes Chocolatier : Beautiful Chocolate bars from LA

Compartes Chocolatier : Beautiful Chocolate bars from LA.

compartes chocolate bars

I spend too much a lot of my time on Social Media; It’s no surprise that my Instagram, Facebook and twitter feeds are spammed with Food related posts all day long. It’s a process of constant torture composed of hundreds of mouthwatering pictures and videos. I do not recommend you to do the same (unless you wants to feel Hungry and Desperate all day). However it helps me to discover new food trends, new dishes, sumptuous delicacy, talented  chefs and inspirational creations.
Compartes Chocolatier is one of those gems that i have discovered while randomly browsing on Instagram.


Compartes Chocolatier, From LA with Love.

Compartes is a Chocolatier based in Los Angeles California. It is a family run business that has been creating chocolate since 1950.
They have been producing chocolate in their own factory with locally sourced ingredient. They praise themselves to use only the world best chocolate sourced in South America, and they work with local Californian farmers to get the freshest fruits, spices and nuts.
The chocolate bars are all hand-made to respect their philosophy of Artisanal, high quality and Beautiful chocolate.


The MasterMind : Jonathan Grahm.

Jonathan Grahm - CEO of Compartes
Jonathan Grahm – CEO of Compartes

Jonathan Grahm, CEO of Compartes Chocolatier.
He is the young visionary man behind the amazing rebranding of Compartes.

Jonathan Grahm started making chocolate at fifteen. He took over this family run business when he was 21 years old and he managed to purchase Compartes at 24.
What is really impressive about Jonathan Grahm is the fact that he has no formal culinary background nor business management training. He has been studying Political Science at UCLA and managed to be named one of Forbes “30 Under 30“ thanks to his chocolate Business (#Vocation!).

His strong sense of aesthetic and his visions, allowed him to come up with strong ideas to renew Compartes.
Quoting his own words :
“Compartes is me. It’s the reflection of all my passions for art, food, design, fashion, and travel, so the brand and the chocolate are constantly evolving and growing just as I am”

Jonathan Grahm is the perfect example of what we tend to see more and more: Passionate people, in search of quality, who wants to create truly honest, unique and appealing products. We are out of the traditional path, this is the era of the YUCCIE (Young Urban Creatives) version of Charlie and the chocolate factory.


The Creations : Gourmet Chocolate Bar

chocolate bars compartes
Credit photo – Compartes.com

The Compartes Gourmet chocolate bars are not your usual chocolate bars, it is pure Art.
The first time i have ordered their chocolate i was really hesitant to break the bar looking at how beautiful the creation is. It is the kind of chocolate that you want to keep for special occasion, such as an old Chateau Yquem that you would preserve patiently for a Wedding or a Birth celebration. ( In the end, let’s face it, it is chocolate so it was impossible to resist more than 5 minutes the temptation to swallow the whole bar in two bites…).

Each of the creations at Compartes have been influenced by something specific in Jonathan’s mind. The Old Hollywood bar has been influenced by his West Hollywood home. The Tropical Paradise bar is influenced by a photo of a sunset he took on his favorite beach in Kauai.
Jonathan Grahm relies a lot on photography, art and fashion to draw his inspiration. Music is also a big factor, he mentioned, Lana Del Rey, “I was listening to her Born to Die album constantly during my design process.” and also his friend Faith Evans has played a big role in his creative process.

There is a broad range of chocolate bars at Compartes and you can find options for all taste buds; From dark chocolate mixed berries, Pina colada, chai tea, to a vegan zen healthy kale dark chocolate bar.
In terms of taste, the bars i have tried before were delicious and my surroundings have been pleased with the experience (even the Choco-sceptic). The reviews are in general unanimous about the quality of the bars and ingredients used.
It remains that some combinations can be more appealing and surprising that others : I really recommend the dark chocolate / mixed berries one, whereas i was not really enthusiastic about the blackberry orange.


Where to find them ?

Compartes Chocolatier is not implemented in Europe yet. They have retail stores exclusively in Los Angeles and Japan.

The only option to buy their chocolate bars if you are living in Europe and elsewhere in the world is via Online shopping on their website. You can have a look at their FAQ to understand how the Order and Shipping process works.

Cost wise, their range of Chocolate Bars is between $9.95 to $12.95. They are also offering luxurious chocolate bars Gift Set fom $59.95 up to $174.95 (The perfect Gift for all the chocolate-addicts!).


Chocolate bars gift set - Credit : Compartes Chocolatier
Chocolate bars gift set – Credit : Compartes Chocolatier

In conclusion, if the question is :

Is Compartes Chocolatier Chocolate Bars worth a trip to LA to fill your annual stock of Chocolate ?

i’d say  yes, Chocolate is life and #YOLO!






More information regarding Compartes & a Jonathan Grahm interview on their website.


Informations :

912 S Barrington Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90049, USA

+1 310-826-3380


Opening Hours : Monday to Saturday: 10:00 – 18:00



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