netflix new release samurai gourmet

Netflix New Release : Samurai Gourmet


Brace yourselves Foodies around the world, Netflix has just released a new show about food and it’s called Samurai Gourmet.

takeshi kasumi samurai gourmet
Credit – Netflix Samurai Gourmet

“After retiring, he lost his title as a corporate man and the support of his company.
Takeshi Kasumi, 60 years old.
This story is about a normal 60 year old man who is helped by a masterless samurai, eating freely without being held back.
A gourmet fantasy.”

Samurai Gourmet

Samurai Gourmet is a new Netflix production released on the 17th of March. The show is based on Masayuki Kusumi’s  manga and essay of the same name (Original title : Nobushi no gourmet).

The story follows the life of Takeshi Kasumi (played by the great Naoto Takenaka), a newly retired 60 years old man.
Takeshi Kasumi is the perfect stereotype of a Salaryman who has devoted his entire life to his company and had no extra hobbies aside from work. Following his recent retirement he wakes up one day wondering what he is going to do with all this free time ?
After a wake up call, he realises that he is now completely free from any constraints and he can enjoy all kind of food and drinks whenever he wants. (Lucky him!). On the advise of his wife he decides that “walking” will be his new hobby and he wanders from  places to places and restaurants to restaurants.

In addition to his new hobby, Kasumi picture himself as a Samurai warrior in the Sengoku era. He often let his mind wander and he imagines what it would be if he was a Ronin behaving out of the conservative tradition and conformity of modern Japan.

The season 1 is composed of 12 episodes of approximately 20 minutes each.
Each episode covers a different theme, with titles such as “The demoness’s ramen“, “Yakiniku her way“, “Bento lunch on set” or even “Pasta the Samurai Way“.


What to expect ?

Japan is THE ultimate country of foodies. In the land of the rising sun, people are devoted to food like nowhere else in the world, it is a passion beyond the understanding of average westerners.
This passion for food is often exploited on TV with a unique ability to bring really entertaining (and mouthwatering) shows about foods (Midnight Stories also available on Netflix is a really good example!).

After a few episodes i am already charmed by Samurai Gourmet. The show has a poetic Jiro Taniguchi’s vibe (Haruku-Ito, Kodoku no gourmet). It is a really easy  and entertaining to watch. The 20 minutes format is perfect for these short stories and allows you to slip away during a quick afternoon break.
Takeshi Kasumi is an endearing character and the scenario makes you wonder how many years do you have left before enjoying a peaceful retirement  made of tasteful dishes, free time and encounters.

One last thing, i do not recommend watching Samurai Gourmet on an empty stomach or you will probably end up in the closest Izakaya around.






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