the king of falafel clerkenwell

The King of Falafel – Clerkenwell


The King of Falafel – Clerkenwell

After a bit of shopping in central London on a rare sunny Sunday afternoon, i decided to have a quick stop on my way home to the new King of Falafel location in Clerkenwell .
The King of Falafel is a Lebanese fast food restaurant with several locations in London.  They have recently opened a shop in Clerkenwell road (Farringdon).
Their signature product is the falafel wrap, and they also provide a selection of other specialities such as Chicken Shawarma, Lamb Kofta, Hommous, Samosa,…


The King of Falafel offers several kind of fillings (Falafel, Lamb, Chicken) with two different types of wraps (Lebanese or Moroccan Wrap).
I have tried a classic Lebanese wrap garnished with Falafel. At £3.75 the wrap it’s obviously a steal in London!

The Falafel wrap is composed of fresh salad, tomato, cucumber, onion, pickles, mint white sauce and hot sauce. (You can remove or add some extras topping depending on how you like your wrap).  The wrap is rolled with all the ingredients before being heated on a sandwich toaster.

The King of Falafel - Lebanese Falafel Wrap - £3.75
The King of Falafel – Lebanese Falafel Wrap

First of all, for £3.50, the Falafel wrap is very generous in size and garnish.  You must be starving before getting one, because it’s is very filling and it will you keep full for a long time ! (You also have the option to share it one with someone, then it’s the perfect afternoon snack-size).
Most of the ingredients are quite healthy so you won’t feel sick or disgusted if you manage to finish this little beast (Nothing compared to a burger or a fried chicken wrap if you see what i mean…).

Taste-wise, the wrap is honest, no special surprise here. The ingredients are fresh (salad, tomato, cucumber), and the mix of refreshing mint white sauce and hot sauce (not really Hot to be honest) add a bit of punch to the wrap. The falafel are ok, a bit dry to my taste, but in overall the wrap is well balanced and yummy.

The King of Falafel - Lebanese Falafel Wrap
Half wrap – Very nice size

I have also decided to buy an onion Bhaji to accompany the wrap. For those who don’t know the Bhaji is a traditional fried spicy Indian snack.
I have to say it was a bit disappointing, dry and plain. To be honest, i could not really expect much for the price (around £1.5) but I was definitely hoping for more crisps!

The King of Falafel - Vegetable Bhaji
The King of Falafel – Vegetable Bhaji


Conclusion :

“Great quality for value.
Honest falafel wrap, quite tasty and filling. Quick and friendly service”

Overall : 3/5 3 stars rating

Taste : 3/5

Service : 4/5

Price for value : 5/5

Information :

The King of Falafel

166 Clerkenwell Road,
London, EC1R 5DE
02072 781133




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  1. Wraps are lovely, especially chicken and lamb, and generously portion sized with tasty special sauces and grilled to perfection with a theatrical preparatory flair from the king of falafel!

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