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SuperFoods or Super Marketing ?

What if your mom never told you the world’s best kept secret yet ?
There is around us, well-hidden revolutionary foods called : SuperFoods, and they will help you achieve, health, beauty,  success and much more.
Let’s review this well rounded Super Marketing scheme, and discuss what the trend is all about ?

The world best kept secret : SuperFoods


BioActive Blue-Green Algae powder, Organic goji berries from the Himalayan, Açaí berry, Spirulina, Chlorella, “inset-the-exotic-name-you-want” type of foods.
Over the past few years these newly available foods have popped up everywhere in our health stores, local market and favourite magazines’ recommendation. They are all part of this new trend called “Superfoods”.
SuperFoods are supposed to be very nutritious foods with a high content of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, able to support our health and well being. They are by definition far better than your average ” one apple a day keep the doctor away” recommendation and any other type of foods in general.
SuperFoods are most of the time foods you have never heard of before (Yaeyama Chlorella anyone ?). They are usually quite pricey, and  the only thing bigger than their cost is the health and well being claims surrounding these products.

A shortcut to health ?

In this fast paced society, we are all looking for the quick fixes in everything. How can i optimise my day to be more productive and efficient ? How can i do all the things i need to do in the shortest amount of time possible ? The same thing applies with food and health. Where is the shortcut ? How can i get all the vitamins and minerals i need with as few efforts as possible ? The answer from the marketers is simple, go get your Super Foods,  go to your health store and buy the latest super expensive  Organic Powdered Green Juice Super Foods combo solution and be healthy, young and beautiful again my friend.

Why constraint yourself with hard and complicated diets, change in habits, tasteless foods ? Just supplement yourself with your favourite SuperFoods and everything is solved.

superfoods vs super marketing
An expensive shortcut to health ?

A Super Marketing concept

One thing we can say for sure is that SuperFoods is a Super marketing concept before anything else. It is a promise of health and well being (two key factors of our overall Happiness).
The market of SuperFoods has exploded over the past few years.  Everything is now labelled as SuperFoods; from super greens (Kale) to super spice (Turmeric). The costs associated to these new SuperFoods can sometime be ridiculously high.  Who thought my good old’ turmeric would now be labelled as a Miracle SuperFoods?

If you have ever read the the book Decoded, the science behind why we buy by Phil Barden, you would know that marketers are doing there best to influence our behavior toward purchase. They come with strong and appealing proposition to solve our issues, simplify our lives and empty our wallets.

For me there is two types of SuperFoods :
The exotic ones, often marketed as “Ancient”, “Sacred”, “traditional”, “long kept secret”, super fancy and often super expensive. “What ? You have not heard of  Madonna’s rejuvenation secret ?  Super organic Himalayan Goji berries, Dear ! what else ?” (Probably long session of plastic surgery & botox) . These SuperFoods are the new “Celebs”-trendy foods backed up by few scientific research and a lot of money spend in Marketing. They are the favourite recommendations of your health store’s dealer, and your banker’s worst nightmare.

Then there is, my personal definition of a SuperFood. A food that is Super-Healthy, Super-Available, Super-Sustainable and Super-Cheap. Just to give a few examples : organic Oats, organic Nuts, Organic Seasonal Fruits. It is cheap, sustainable, widely available and really good for your health. That’s what i would consider a real SuperFood far away from the Super-Marketing concept that we have been sold for the past few years.

Just to add, from my point of view there is no such things as “SuperFoods”  that can help you recover from years of bad diet and diseases, but only super habits. There is no shortcut to health! A handful of Goji Berries a day will never procure you all the benefits of a consistent diet; Eat more grains, more vegetables, more nuts and healthy fats. It’s cheap, available everywhere, your doctor and wallet will thank you for that.



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