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OMG! Ice cream filled Donuts

Foodie Alert!!  If you have not heard of it yet, it is time to discuss the hype surrounding Ice cream filled donuts. #Foodporn

If Dominique Ansel is considered a pastry genius for mixing Donuts with croissants and calling it the Cronut. I have to say that the one who decided to fill Donuts with Ice cream took the competition to the next level.

Ice cream filled donuts: the homer equation.


The idea sounds pretty simple.
Step 1 : You take Homer Simpson, King of the Foodporn, and ask yourself two questions:

  1. What does Homer like most? Answer number one :  Donuts
  2. What is the second thing that Homer like most? Answer number two : ice cream
    homer gif ice cream

Step 2 : You Combine the two together: #FoodPorn’s creation of the year completed: Ice Cream filled donuts.


The Mastermind : B Sweet Dessert Bar in Los Angeles :

B sweet dessert bar instagram

If B Sweet Dessert bar is not the original creator of the Ice Cream Filled Donuts. The dessert shop has clearly helped elevate the product to reach the Pantheon of Foodporn.

The mastermind behind the B Sweet Dessert Bar’s success is Barb Batiste. She is is the owner and founder of B Sweet Catering. Barb’s skills and creations have allowed her to work with many clients such as Disney, Nike, and even some of Hollywood’s best-known stars and studios.

B Sweet Dessert’s ultra-photogenic ice cream filled donuts are all around Instagram and the blogosphere these days. They have called their creation “Halo”, and they describe it as hot pressed glazed donut ice cream sandwich. “Hot outside, cold inside, yummy all over!

The ice cream filled donuts costs 5 dollars and comes in 6 different flavours at their shop (Vanilla, Mint Chip, Cookies and Cream, Rocky Road, Chocolate malted crunch,  Ube).

Beautiful, appealing and tasty, needless to say that a lot of people will overdose with these little babies this summer (i can hear you craving sugar already!).

You can find B Seet Dessert Bar at 2005 Sawtelle blvd. Los Angeles. You must definitely plan to visit them during your next trip to LA.

B Sweet Dessert bar

b sweet dessert instagramb sweet dessert twitter


“Tired of Cronuts ? Head for a dessert shop such as B Sweet Dessert bar and overdose on the new hyped Ice Cream filled donuts.
If you live in LA or NYC, you will probably be able to find a provider around the corner. 
For the European ones, let’s just hope that the trend reach the old continent pretty quickly, as we are in need for such a treat! “


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