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50 Shades of Sushi


50 Shades of Sushi:

Sushi is THE most famous Japanese dish. World-renowned, Sushi restaurants have flourished all over the world the past few years. It is the first dish you think of when people talk to you about Japanese food.
Sushi has become part of the world cuisine and is considered the healthy alternative, whether it is for a quick lunch break, a Friday night takeaway, or a fancy dinner with your soulmate.

Traditionally, Sushi is a simple (yet complex) Japanese dish composed of vinegared rice, fresh seafood and others ingredients/garnish (Seaweed, Wasabi, Soy Sauce,…).
Over the past years, Cooks and Foodies all around the world have revisited the Sushi and have tried to create appealing variations of the traditional recipe, including;  Sushi Burrito, Sushi Pizza or Sushi Donuts just to name a few.

Below you will find a list of the most famous recipes inspired by Sushi.
Welcome to 50 Shades of Sushi, the secret room of pleasure for your Palate:

1 – Sushi Burrito

sushi burrito https://lecaptainfoodie.com

The Sushi Burrito is the rising trend of these past few years. Born in the trendy west coast of the US (the world’s first sushi burrito restaurant concept), you can now find the Sushi Burrito in all the major cities worldwide (Paris, London, NYC, Toronto,…). A pleasure for the eyes and the belly, the Sushi Burrito has unlimited variations and is really filling, a must try!

2 – Sushi Tacos

Sushi tacos

The Sushi Tacos is the smaller cousin of the Sushi Burrito.
The Sushi tacos is composed with all the ingredient of a traditional sushi, the only difference is in the presentation; The rice layer and Nori are used to form the base of the taco. Then the taco is filled with all type of ingredient that you would expect in a Sushi (Raw Fish, avocado, seaweed,…).
From my point of view, the Sushi Tacos has a perfect size, is visually attractive, and the perfect opportunity for ingredients combination. The question really is: How many of them would you eat?

3 – Sushi donuts


The Sushi Donuts is a visual and technical prowess created by ProjectPoke in Orange County, CA.   
Do you remember the Homer equation? You can combine almost anything with Donuts and make a hit. The Sushi Donuts is a perfect example of that. My only apprehension is that it can be quite difficult to eat without spilling toppings everywhere.

4 – Sushi cake

sushi cake

The Sushi Cake is one of the latest creation related to sushi. The blogosphere and creative cooks around the world have experienced with this variation of the traditional Sushi. “Eh why not use Sushi ingredients to form a Cake?” Job done, it looks really appealing. However the name can be quite confusing; Who would consider a cake made of rice, raw fish and veggies for dessert? Anyone ? …

5 – Sushi sneakers

sushi sneakers - www.lecaptainfoodie.com

The Sushi sneakers are born from the creative mind of Yujia Hu, working at Sakana Sushi, a Japanese restaurant in Milan. Yujia makes his creations from rice, seaweed and raw fish. You can discover more of his amazing work on his instagram theonigiriart.
I am not sure if the taste of these Sushi is as good as they look, and in the end these creations might be Too Hype Too Eat anyway.

6 – Sushi Burger

sushi burger
credit photo – Dorian Nieto

The Sushi Burger is the obvious, expected creation. Everything ends up being revisited as a burger, Sushi is no exception.
For this variation of the traditional Sushi, two rice patties are used to form the bun of the burger. The Sushi burger is then filled with several toppings including raw fish, avocado, lettuce,…
Once again, the creation is impressive visually but can be quite challenging to eat.

7 – Sushi pizza

sushi pizza

Why choose between a Pizza or Sushi night when you can combine both? The Sushi pizza creation is a healthy alternative to the traditional pizza. The sushi rice is used as a base for the pizza. It can also be fried for a more convincing crust. Do not expect any cheese or tomato sauce here, the toppings are all sushi-related, which means; Raw fish, salmon eggs, avocado,… As with any Pizza it is up to you to come with your own variation. Pepperoni & Raw fish anyone?

8 – Sushi Bake

sushi bake - goodmorningcali.com
Credit – goodmorningcali.com

The Sushi Bake is a creation of goodmorningcali.com. It is described as an easy to make recipe: “Basically the best parts of a giant California roll made 100x larger and requiring no special sushi chef skills!”. The Sushi bake is composed of sushi Rice, Imitation Crab meat, Nori and a seasoning of Mayonnaise, Sriracha and Furikake.





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