Top 3 food Youtubers

Top 3 Food YouTubers you MUST follow


top 3 food youtubers you must follow


They travel places all around the world, eat amazing food and meet great people along the way. Here is a list of the Top 3 Food Youtubers you Must follow. Take a seat, and prepare yourself to be Hungry for more as Anthony Bourdain would say!

1 – Strictly Dumpling

strictly dumpling youtube channel

1 267 806 subscribers • 192 001 682 views
Created his YouTube channel the 27th Oct 2013

Mike Chen is the man behind Strictly Dumpling.  He is a full-time YouTuber travelling the world to vlog about food. Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan,… his videos are set in lots of different countries. His goal is basically to travel and eat everything in the world! Mike is a real food enthusiastic, and he shares his passion for food through his videos. For him everything revolves around food “I workout to eat, i travel to eat”. You will find a lot of great content and address on his channel. I can only recommend you to subscribe to his channel and enjoy hours of great content!

One funny and really confusing fact about Mike Chen is his resemblance with Jackie Chan! (He even talk about it in one of his FAQ).

2 – The Food Ranger

The Food Ranger Youtube Channel

1 703 863 subscribers • 221 023 310 views
Created his YouTube channel the 12th Mar 2013

China’s best street food Ambassador. His real name is Trevor James aka The Food Ranger. He is a very enthusiastic Youtuber, always giving great advice on where to eat for cheap in his videos. His passion for food is all about street food and local food.
Trevor is currently living in Chengdu, Sichuan China. He is the man bringing real Chinese street food in the YouTube game. He has an amazing knowledge of the chinese cuisine, especially Sichuanese food. (I have discovered a lot of Sichuanese dishes thanks to his videos).
Living in China, Trevor travels different places around the country; Xinjiang, wuhan, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xi’an,…  to help us discover the amazing local food scene of China. He is perfectly skilled in Chinese which helps him a lot during his adventures;  Especially in order to interact with the locals and find the secret hidden gems that are almost impossible to find for an average tourist.
He also vlog about food in other parts of the world, he recently went to Vietnam, India and Thailand to discover and try all kind of street food.
As he  puts it quite simply, his dream is to “Keep eating and travelling the world forever, a non-stop adventure!” (I guess it’s every Foodie’s dream! aha).
He also owns a website You will find on his website all kind of useful information and recommendations. He manages as well a facebook group called Global FoodRangin’.

3 – Mark Wiens

Mark Wiens youtube channel

2 025 797 subscribers • 415 139 376 views
Created his YouTube channel the 2nd of Feb 2009

Mark Wiens is the elder of the three mentioned in this article, he has been blogging about food since 2009 on his website Migrationology. After graduating from university he went on a trip in South America. Following his trip, he came back in the US and decided to start his blogging adventure and share his experience about travel and food. A few years later, he has evolved from blogging to vlogging, and today his YouTube channel is followed by almost a million subscribers.
Mark’s YouTube channel is full of videos dedicated to amazing food, travel tips and great content in general. A must watch.
Living in Thailand with his wife, you will mostly find videos related to the Thai food scene; But also travel vlogs, street food vlogs, and some recent collaboration with other food bloggers such as The Food Ranger, Trevor James.
He has a video posting schedule: Sundays & Wednesdays at 8 pm Bangkok time and some occasional extras.
On his website Migrationoly, he has edited very interesting City Guides for some major cities in the world. On these guides, you will find cool plans about where to stay, what to do and obviously where to eat!

All of these three YouTubers share the same passion for food and travel. They complete each other really well in terms of content with their YouTube channels. If you are a Food-Addict, i can only recommend you to start watching their videos and subscribe for more great discoveries. From my point of view, these guys probably have one of the best job in the world!

You can expect a lot more content from these 3 YouTubers in the future, so stay tuned!

Edited: June 2018

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