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Opened in 2016 in the heart of London, Soho. TSUJIRI is a concept store revolving Around Matcha and serving delicious drinks and desserts. Those who know me know about my passion for Matcha. Especially when it is used for creations such as ice cream, Frappe, Cakes and so on…
TSUJIRI is originally a well-renowned Tea house in Japan, providing tea of high quality since the nineteenth century. I was really curious to see if they would successfully challenge their tradition and creates interesting desserts…

It was a hot day, and i had one thing in mind, to try their Kakigori. One word: Matchalicious!


TSUJIRI, a 157 years old tradition:

Tsujiri is a 157-year-old Japanese Tea house founded by Riemon Tsuji in 1860.
Tsujiri has cultivated and produced their own teas to develop an exclusive range of Matcha, Sencha, Geinmaicha and Houjicha.

Tsujiri’s Matcha is famous over Japan; Their Matcha is produced from the best green tea leaves of the renowned harvest of Uji in Kyoto using a traditional grinding method.

The spirit of Tsujiri is to “Continue to innovate to sustain the tradition” and it is exactly what they have been doing with their Matcha House boutique and store around the world. The famous designer Shoes Toyohisa has been in charge of revitalising the Tea House with a modern touch.

Tsujiri has opened their branch in London in 2016. You will find the shop in the heart of Soho, Rupert street. It is a small shop of approximately 15 seats. The shop get packed quite quickly, especially during the weekend.
They have locations worldwide with stores in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, Australia and the UK just to name a few.

#Matchalicious! Menu:

The Menu at Tsujiri revolves almost exclusively around Matcha :
You have the Hot and Cold drinks: Ceremonial Grade Matcha Tea, Fresh Tea, several variations of Ice blend, Matcha Cappuccino, Yuzu-O-Match and Latte.
Then you have the delicious desserts; the Iconic Matcha Sundae and Cone Ice Cream, the cup ice cream and also shaved ice Kakigori.
If the selection above is not enough for you, you can also order from 3 different type of Shiratama Mochi (Japanese rice cake).

Tsujiri Menu
Click on the picture to get the full menu

Review – Shaved Ice Uji Kintoki:

I love Japanese shaved ice dessert aka Kakigori (かき氷). It is a really simple dessert, really, really, simple dessert! Basically, it is shaved ice topped with everything you can think of (Flavouring, Syrup, Condensed milk,….).
It is easy to make, you put the ice on an automatic ice Shaver or a Manual one and Bam! It creates an edible kind of snow mountain. Then you just have to flavour it with the toppings you want, easy as A B C! Kakigori is super fresh and super light, perfect for a summer day.

At TSUJIRI, they have several flavours of Shaved ice, UJI Kintoki, Yuzu Ice and TSUJIRI special. They can serve them in regular or Large size (+£1). I went for the regular Uji Kintoki, It cost me £5.30.

The Uji Kintoki Shaved ice is made with Tea Syrup, Red beans and two mochi.

Uji Kintoki Shaved Ice


In terms of size, i believe the Regular one is more than enough for one person, they will fill your cup as high as the Mount Fuji (No Joke); And here comes the tricky part, the Ice shaved dessert is just too Big to be eaten properly! You will need the flexibility of a Russian gymnast combined with the precision of a Neurosurgeon to eat this dessert without spilling ice everywhere. I had to cover the table with tissues and the paper they offer for free to craft Origamis (It was quite amusing for my table neighbour to see me struggle that much).
They will provide you with a spoon and a straw, but the best way to eat the top of the mountain is simply to go directly with your mouth (Not class at all, but it avoids the pain of an endless struggle with the spoon, let me know how you did it!).


Hard to stay clean while eating this dessert

In terms of taste, the shaved ice Uji Kintoki is really good. The tea syrup is sweet but it is not overpowering and the Matcha taste is well present. Once you have reached the Safety level (When the ice is at cup level and there is no more risk to spill it everywhere while eating with the spoon). You will find the hidden red beans, it can be a strange combination for some of you, but it is typically Japanese and i personally like it a lot. Mix all of that and enjoy and original and refreshing creation.
In addition to that the straw allows you to drink the melted ice with tea syrup at the bottom of the cup, it is delicious.
The two mochi balls on the side are ok-ish, a bit blend but it is always a funny texture to eat.

TSUJIRI Uji Kintoki
Melting Happiness


Overall:£5.30 for a mountain of shaved ice topped with Tea Syrup and red beans is not cheap. But if you like this type of dessert it is certainly worth a visit to TSUJIRI (especially during a hot summer day). One thing to keep in mind, Kakigori is certainly not for everyone. I have tried to convert some of my friends who complained that it’s just too weird to eat ice like that. Sorry for them. Thankfully TSUJIRI has a lot of other interesting desserts, and if Shaved ice is not made for you, the Matcha sundae or ice cream will certainly be.

For a review of their Sundae and Ice Cream, you can visit the great blog of Yummy Jubbly.


Conclusion : 

If you are a Matcha Addict or looking for a way to cure your sugar craving, head to TSUJIRI for an original dessert or drink.
For the ones who enjoy Kakigori as much as i do, the UJI Kintoki served at TSUJIRI is a must, especially during a hot Summer day.

Overall: 4/5  rating

Taste : 4/5

Price for value : 3/5

Originality : 4/5




Information :

47 Rupert Street, W1D 7PD London

Opening Hours :

  • Sunday-Thursday: 12:00-22:00
  • Friday & Saturday: 12:00-22:30




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