Super Easy Tofu Noodles Recipe

It’s Recipe time folks! Today i will introduce you to my super easy Tofu Noodles recipe.
If like me, you try to watch what you eat (or at least pretend to), you might have been investigating a substitute for high carbs pasta and noodles. Personally, I usually buy certain alternatives such as whole-wheat noodles, Shirataki noodles, beans noodles and so on… but i have recently discovered a new kind of noodles: the Tofu Noodles.
Tofu noodles are a great alternative to classic pasta or noodles if you are looking for a low carb, gluten free and vegan substitute. Their nutritional profile is high in protein, no carbs and moderate fat, the perfect substitute for a healthy noodle dish. The good news is also that Tofu Noodles are perfect for lazy people as it will take you less than two minutes to make them.

The Super Easy Tofu Noodles Recipe :

The best part about Tofu Noodles is that they are super easy to make. Even a 10 years old could manage this recipe, and i am not even joking.
What you will need: Paper Tofu and a sharp knife, that’s it. You can buy paper tofu at your Asian grocery store. I have got mine at Loon Fung in Chinatown, the brand is TofuKing and it costs approximately £2.50 for 200g.
Paper Tofu is made of several large sheets of Tofu, you can use them for several recipes such as spring rolls or maki.

The Tofu paper sheets are already folded, so in order to prepare the Tofu Noodles you just have to slice them very thinly or thick, depending on how you like to eat your noodles.

Here are the 3 steps :


1 – Open :


Paper Tofu from TofuKing
Once you open the bag you will Large sheets of Paper Tofu

2 – Cut :


Simply cut the Tofu sheets with a sharp knife
Easy as A B C

3 – Cook :

The interesting part with Tofu noodles is that they can be used in a lot of different ways. As with classic noodles, you can stir fry them, cook them in water, use them in a broth or make a cold salad of it. The combinations are unlimited.
Because the Tofu itself is a bit bland, i would recommend you to play with sauce and seasoning to improve the flavour of your Tofu Noodles.
Personally, i like to stir fry them with some Sichuanese hot chilli bean paste or use them in a  home made broth in substitute of classic noodles.

a very versatile ingredient that can be used in many ways


Bon appetit!

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