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Bone Daddies Soho review – Tantanmen

Welcome to a new episode of Ramen Escapade where your host, Le Captain Foodie, walks you around London to review the best and worst Ramen Restaurants.
This weekend, we put on our leather jacket on and head to St Peter’s street Soho to review Bone Daddies, the Rock’n’Roll version of a Contemporary Ramen bar.
Here is my review of their Tantanmen, Let’s go!

Bone Daddies :

bone daddies store front

Bone Daddies is not your usual Ramen joint. It is a contemporary Japanese restaurant where the founder, Ross Shonhan, wishes to challenge people’s perceptions of Japanese food with creative dishes. Bone Daddies has several locations in London (Soho, Old street, Marylebone,…), each of them inspired by Japanese cuisine from Ramen, Izakaya, yoshoku or even Sushi. Despite his experience at high-end restaurants such as Nobu and Zuma, Ross Shonhan clearly stated “I’m not a traditional Japanese chef”, his ambition is to bring a twist to the traditional Japanese recipe and creates an affordable fusion – western style Japanese cuisine.
However, Bone Daddies’ first restaurant at Peter Street was originally focusing almost exclusively on Ramen with a successful homemade pork bone broth, that’s why i’ve decided to visit this Restaurant.

The Peter Street restaurant is located in the trendy Soho right in front of the Supreme boutique (You will notice it during the weekend because people are usually endlessly queuing to get in the Supreme Store). The restaurant has a nice atmosphere, the decoration is inspired by both traditional Japanese design and the Rock’n’Roll culture. There is a great seating capacity with both counter seats and tables. The ambiance is quite chill and rock’n’roll music playing in the background.
If you wish to read more about Bones Daddies story.


The Menu:

menu bone daddies london
Click on the picture to view the full menu

Bone Daddies Soho (St Peter) serves a wide variety of dishes with a main focus on Ramen. You can choose from 3 types of broths: Pork bone broth, Chicken bone broth, and mushroom broth. In addition to that,  a special Harissa Lamb Ramen and seasonal ramen are available at the St Peter’s restaurant.
Also, the menu at Bone Daddies soho offers a large selection of Hot and cold snacks, poke and some pretty decent handmade steamed buns.


My Review: The Tantanmen


The equivalent to Rock’n’roll music in the world of Ramen would be the spicy and fierce Tantanmen, so it was a legitimate choice to order at Bone Daddies. For those who don’t know, the Tantanmen is a spicy variation of Ramen inspired by Sichuanese cuisine and the famous Dan Dan noodles.

bone daddies tantanmen bowl
A beautiful yet disapointing Tantanmen

Broth: I have experienced a huge disappointment with the broth of my Tantanmen. It arrived lukewarm if not cold and it compromised the whole experience. It is simply not acceptable for a proper Ramen Restaurant to do this type of mistake (Don’t mess with the broth, bro!). Especially when you know that a hot broth is a key to enjoy a good ramen. Concerning the taste of the Tantanmen, it was nothing special, spicy but quite plain. It reminded me of a spicy instant Ramen or Ramyun you could get from Nissin or Samyang. The broth was thick and creamy but too heavy.

tantanmen noodles focus

Noodles: One of the key features of a good Tantanmen is the noodles who need to complement the broth to create a delightful experience. The noodles served with my Tantanmen were bland, lacking flavor and the texture was nothing special. Probably due to the cold broth, they were not really enjoyable at all. I am sure it could have been better.

tantanmen chashu focus

Pork: The thin slices of Chashu were good. In terms of texture, they were tender and not dry at all (which is rare these days). Regarding the taste, the Chashu served at Bone Daddies is above the average in London, satisfying but still lacking a bit of saltiness and depth.

tantanmen egg focus


Toppings: I have two theories concerning toppings and Ramen. If your broth is amazing and you want to focus on the exceptional quality of your key ingredients then Less is More. Otherwise, some toppings can help you counterbalance a rather bland Ramen. Bone Daddies made the bet to serve their Tantanmen with very few toppings (just a leaf of bok choy and minced pork); It could have been acceptable if the broth was amazing but unfortunately it was not the case. The good news is that you have on your table a lot of extra seasoning to add to your Ramen (Chilli paste, Chilli oil, sesame seeds, Garlic).

Size: Honest serving for this Tantamen. The average you will find at your Ramen joint in London.

Service: The service was friendly and quick.

Price: £11.40 for the Tantanmen plus £2.50 of the extra egg and £2.50 for the extra Chashu. An additional service charge or £2 and an extra pound for charity for a total of £19.11. A really expensive Ramen.

Overall: Unfortunately for me, my Ramen was served cold which is simply unacceptable (unless you go for a cold option on purpose). On top of that, the flavor of the broth was nothing exciting and the noodles were quite dull. Only the Chashu and extra eggs managed to save the day. In conclusion, i would simply not recommend the Tantanmen at Bone Daddies.



“Despite a good looking Tantanmen, the experience was a big disapointment. My tantanmen arrived cold, the broth was nothing surprising nor the noodles.

Only the Chashu and extra eggs managed to save the day.
In conclusion, i would simply not recommend the Tantanmen at Bone Daddies.”

disappointed face

Overall: 2/5

Taste: 2/5

Price for value: 2/5

Restaurant: 4/5

Information :

Bone Daddies Soho 
31 Peter St, 
London W1F 0AR

Opening Hours :

  • Monday : 12:00 – 22:00
  • Tuesday – Wednesday: 12:00 – 23:00
  • Thursday – Saturday: 12:00 – 23:30
  • Sunday: 12:00 – 21:30

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