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MISSION SATO Bento – Your new favourite Lunch box

You might have heard about the fancy tradition of Eki-ben (駅弁) in Japan when Japanese people buy fancy bento boxes before boarding into the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) to have lunch during their journey. What if i tell you that you could do the same thing the next time you head to Old street and grab a fancy lunch box before getting in/out of the station. MISSION SATO Bento is a new concept launched inside the food court of Old street station, with an aim to provide exquisite bento boxes for lunch.

MISSION SATO – From “Fast Food” to “Craft Food”

MISSION SATO’s statement is to bring “Fast food” to “Craft food” and elevate the food scene of London with beautifully prepared Bento boxes.

I am always suspicious when the word Fast food and Craft food are used together. It is often part of this new strategy of rebranding Fast Food to something more appealing to the eye of the public with terms such as Artisan, Gourmet and so on… And it is often far away from reality. However, Mission Sato does not disappoint on this point!

If you have never heard of the concept of Bento, it is the traditional Japanese lunch box usually composed of rice, fish or meat and pickled vegetables

mission sato bento box pride of a nation

The menu at MISSION SATO offers 5 differents Bento boxes with appealing names such as Fantasy of Salmon, Pride of a nation, Gift of the Garden,…, with a price range from £8 to £10.
You also have in addition to the boxes a choice of 4 Donabe onigiri (clay pot rice balls) from 2£ to £2.50.
Each of these boxes is carefully prepared with a high focus on the quality of the preparation and an elaborated arrangement (The precision of the arrangement at MISSION SATO reminds me of the Kyaraben and Oekakiben trend: a style of decorated Bento focusing on special representation).
The Bento boxes are composed of several small pieces of maki, nigiri, vegetables, rice, and pickles. They are a real pleasure for the eyes and for the palate. It is rare to see such a high attention to details for a lunch box in London and we can only praise the savoir-faire of the chef for this.


ART in your Lunchbox

The mastermind behind this brilliant idea is a young promising Chef called Angelo Sato. Angelo is born Japanese and has worked in some of the most renowned and prestigious three stars Michelin restaurant in the world (Narisawa, Eleven Madison Park, and Gordon Ramsay just to name a few).

Mission Sato is definitely more than a Lunchbox on the go, it is a beautiful experience, an upgrade of your average lunch meal. With Angelo Sato, the saying that “we eat with our eyes first” takes all his meaning for lunch time.

bento box Mission sato


unboxed mission sato bento


We wish MISSION SATO Bento concept good luck and all the best for the future. I am confident that it will become really successful in the years coming.

Information :

Unit 8, Old Street Station 
Old Street Station 



Opening Hours :

  • Monday – Friday : 11:00 – 20:00

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