Food escapades episode 01 Japan

Food Escapades JAPAN : Prologue

Food  Escapades  Japan: Prologue


I am super thrilled to welcome you on this first post of the Food Escapades series. A new exciting concept where i will share my travel and culinary adventures around the globe.

So what is the goal of the Food Escapades Captain? To put it simply, i want to use this blog as my Carnet de Voyage. A memento to record and share my Travel and Food experiences. The Food Escapades series will be detailed contents about the places i visit, where do i eat and stay, and records of my travel. You can expect to see mouthwatering food, beautiful places, exciting adventures, great discoveries and obviously more Food!
Each series will focus on a specific country and this year I have decided to go back to Japan!


Episode 01 – The Land of the Rising Sun:

japan le captain foodie

Why Japan? When i think about gastronomy the first two countries that instantly pop into my mind are my beloved Douce France and the land of the Rising sun: Japan.
There are 4 reasons why i consider Japan to be one of the best country in the world regarding Food.

  1. Variety of the ingredient: If you think that Japanese people spend their dinner eating rice, Miso soup and raw fish, think again. Japan is a country blessed with a huge variety of ingredients: vegetables, fruits, cereals, seafood, meat. Each region has their own specialities and the seasonality of the ingredients plays a really important part in Japanese cuisine.
  2. Quality of the ingredient: The variety of ingredients in Japan is magnified by the work of the producers and artisan working with passion and care. The world-renowned Kobe beef is the perfect example of dedication toward raising the best meat possible.
  3. Cult of perfectionism: Everyone has seen the movie Jiro Dream of Sushi. The dedication of chef Jiro Ono to serve the best Sushi in the world is a good example to understand the cult of perfectionism in Japan. This principle as a name: Shokukin. I won’t go into too many details today about this concept but you can read A great article from Carlyszabowrt about the concept of Shokukin.
  4. Cult of food: Japanese are crazy about food. If you have already visited Tokyo you know that the struggle is real. There are so many restaurants! You can spend an hour deciding which restaurants you want to go to and/or which food you want to eat. The cult of food and the culture of eating-out is probably one of the reasons why Japan overtook France in number of Michelin-starred restaurants.

What is the plan?:

I plan to stay two weeks in Japan from the end of October until early November. I will be staying at Tokyo at first, then i will go around the Kansai region (Kyoto, Osaka,…) and stay there for a few days. After that, i intend to go back to Tokyo for the popular Halloween celebrations. Then i will head north to Hokkaido and the famous city of Hakodate to eat delicious seafood and visit the morning market.

My schedule should look something like that:
Tokyo: 6 days
Kyoto: 3 days
Osaka: 2 days
Kobe: 1 day
Niigata: 1 day
Hakodate: 2 day

The idea behind this trip is quite simple: visit new places, eat delicious food and discover new restaurants. Luckily for me, there are plenty of interesting events happening in Japan at that time of the year such as the Tokyo Ramen Show 2017!

I should be able to blog regularly during my stay so expect a few articles and videos from Japan. Also, you will be able to get the latest updates on my Instagram @lecaptain_foodie.

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