alain ducasse nhk documentary

Show you must watch : Alain Ducasse in Japan – NHK Documentary

Show you must watch:
Alain Ducasse in Japan NHK Documentary

alain ducasse nhk documentary

Dear fellow readers, let me introduce you to a brand new topic on this blog: Show you must watch.  A new category of interesting content and food-related videos from the web.
If you have already watched all the episodes of Chef’s table, The Mind of a Chef or all the Anthony Bourdain’s show on Netflix, Show you must watch is made for you. Now fasten your seatbelt and let’s go for a ride direction Planet Foodie!
I will start this series of recommendation with a documentary about Alain Ducasse in Japan produced by the great NHK WORLD. 45 minutes of pure pleasure following the legendary Alain Ducasse, in the country where all the chefs wish to spend their last days: Japan.


This documentary follows Alain Ducasse in many parts of Japan and his encounters with several Chefs and food specialists.
The show starts at the famous Tsukiji fish market where Alain Ducasse discusses fish and tries a sumptuous raw Boten Ebi (lucky him!). Following that, he meets with a famous chef from Kyoto, Hiroshi Sasaki. They discuss the importance of simplicity and technique in cuisine over a fresh Daikon.
Then the last part is focusing on Seafood from Hokkaido; We follow a fisherman who emphasises the importance of quality and freshness.

This show is really interesting to understand the view of Alain Ducasse in regards to simplicity and quality of the ingredients used when cooking. We can only think that he must have had a great time in Japan, this country being famous for the freshness of their products and the particular care to produce their ingredients.
I miss Japan already!


Credit: NHK World Japan – Original link NHK website

“Ce qui est ordinaire, si c’est parfaitement préparé, ca peut devenir extraordinaire”

“Something ordinary, but prepared to perfection can become extraordinary”

Alain Ducasse

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