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Netflix Must Watch: Kantaro the Sweet Tooth Salaryman

Brace yourselves Foodies around the world, Netflix has released a new show about food and it’s called Kantaro the sweet tooth salaryman.

kantaro sweet tooth salary man
Credit: Netflix – Kantaro the sweet tooth salaryman

“Elite publishing sales rep Kantaro wraps up his client visits in record time so he can secretly pursue his quest to indulge in the tastiest of sweets. The man with the sweet tooth will stop at nothing to get a high — a sugar high of epic proportions..”

Kantaro the sweet tooth salaryman:

Kantaro the sweet tooth salaryman is a new Netflix production released on the 1st of December 2017. The show is based on Tensei Hagiwara and Abidi Inoue manga: Salary Man Kintaro (さぼリーマン甘太朗)

The story follows the life of Ametani Kantaro (played by the charismatic Matsuya Onoe), a salesperson for a publishing company who has an overwhelming passion for sweets.
The action takes place in Tokyo, the sanctuary of Foodie, blessed with hundreds if not thousands of sweet shops.
Kantaro realises one day that, his current work as a System Engineer doesn’t give him enough free time to sample all the sweets in Tokyo. So he comes up with an idea: Kentaro decides to leave his job to work at Kiccho Publishing’s sales department.
As a sales representative, Kantaro has to do daily visits to prospects and clients in the Tokyo area. By performing well his work, he is able to free up some time in his daily schedule and take a break during his visits; Which allows him to fulfil his dream of eating new sweets and desserts every day.

Kantaro also has a secret life, he is known on the web as the famous ameblo blogger Sweets Knight. A blog, where he shares all of his sweets and desserts experience.

Each episode revolves around Kantaro at work, and the challenges he faces to sneak in a sweet shop and try amazing treats between two client visits. The second half of the episode is usually about the food experience itself, a detailed FoodPorn moment that will make you crave for sweets.

Kantaro the sweet tooth Salaryman is composed of 12 episodes of approximately 25 minutes each.
Each episode covers a different theme based on sweets and desserts, with titles such as “Caramel Pudding“, “Parfait“, or even the famous French delicacy “Savarin”. If you are a sweets addict, you will love this show.

What to expect? 50% Foodporn, 50% Weird,  100% Fun to Watch.

Kantaro the sweet tooth salaryman is a great show to watch for several reasons. A great cast, Matsuya Onoe does a formidable performance playing the crazy and charismatic Kantaro. Then comes a lot of desserts, sweets and foodporn moments. You will get to learn a lot about Japanese sweets specialities. Finally, it is a very Japanese show, which means it has his weird moments yet it is a super fun show to watch!

A dedicated man on a mission:

Often complimented for his dapper look, his fierce face and professionalism; Ametani Kantaro is a hard working Salary Man who quickly becomes the best salesman of his department. He is known for being very dedicated to his work and not very talkative during his time at the office. He has no friend at work and his only ambition is to perform.
Kantaro’s main focus is to work super hard in order to finish his day early and enjoy a stop at a sweet shop. He follows Baudelaire belief that “Labor enriches daily life, and liquor makes Sunday joyful” replacing liquor with his love for desserts obviously! 

Kantaro is the stereotype of a successful workaholic and probably the kind of employee that every manager dreams of (Look at his face!).

Credit: Netflix – Kantaro the sweet tooth salaryman

A Next-level Foodie:

If you consider yourself a Foodie, Kantaro will prove your wrong. Kantaro is not your usual part-time food blogger. He has reached a god-like level on his quest for sweets. He is dedicated to the craft and has a flawless expertise of his field.
In each episode, we can see that Kantaro has an extensive knowledge of the best sweets shop in Tokyo; The history of these places; The chefs; The accurate details of each recipe, from the origin of the rice or sugar, to the secret skills used to make these delicacies. An example is the scene below from the episode 2, Kakigori, where Kantaro knows exactly the grammage for each ingredient used in the recipe.

foodie 3.0 Kantaro

Each episode has an extensive Foodporn moment when Kantaro eats the delicious sweets. It is the ultimate contrast where The workaholic super serious Salaryman changes into a Sweets-Fanatic. The stereotype of a child and his candy played marvellously by Matsuya Onoe and his already super cult Foodporn Face (see below).

kantaro foodie
Credit: Netflix – Kantaro the sweet tooth salaryman


Kantaro the sweet tooth Salaryman will welcome you into what Japanese TV Show can do best, the Weird-tertaining. A lot of weird, non-sense, WTFesque moments that will make you laugh or wonder if the strict No-drugs policy of Japan does not apply in the TV industry of Japan. These crazy moments create a really fun to watch second-degree atmosphere. For example, you will often see Kantaro’s head replaced by the food he is thinking of.
Each episode has a WTF moment, for example in episode 6, Kantaro is transported in space and changed in a Matcha bavaroise when he tries a Matcha Bavarian Cream on episode 6. Too grotesque to be taken seriously, it is what Japan does best and you will probably love it.

Credit: Netflix – Kantaro the sweet tooth salaryman


One great thing about Kantaro the sweet tooth salaryman is that all the dessert shops featured in the show are actually real places. A Reddit user even managed to list all the shop mentioned in the show  (well done for the nice work Danny_ds)

Last piece of advice; As usual, i do not recommend you to watch Kantaro the sweet tooth salaryman on an empty stomach otherwise god knows what might happens, in fact, Only Sweet Heavens know! 甘味のみぞ知る!.





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