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Ramen Supleks: The ULTIMATE Ramen Database

Ramen Supleks: The ULTIMATE Ramen Databaseramen database supleks

What is Ramen Supleks?

When we are looking for the best places to eat, we have a wide range of options to choose from: General websites such as Tripadvisor , restaurant guides such as Michelin or Gault&Millau, specialised Blog, and so on… 
With thousands of Ramen Restaurants in Japan, it comes as no surprise that a specific website has been created to list all the Ramen shop in Japan and Overseas.

The ULTIMATE Ramen Database.

With almost 80 000 Ramen restaurants listed, Ramen Supleks is the biggest Database dedicated to Ramen worldwide.
The Supleks Ramen Database is a collaborative platform where Business registers their restaurant and individual users rate and comment their experiences at those places. In the database, you will find really detailed information about the Ramen Restaurants; From the usual contact details, address,opening hours, to more specific information such as : the number of seats, if the restaurant is non-smoking or not, the accessibility, the restaurant’s policy, and of course all the users reviews, pictures and more,…

The Most relevant tool to find the Best Ramen.

Why should I use Ramen Supleks instead of the traditional website and renowned guides? Simply because Ramen Supleks is the most relevant Database for Ramen restaurants. Let me explain with an example:
If you rely on the Michelin Guide to find the best Ramen in Japan you will be provided with two recommendation: Tsuta and Nakiryu (the only two Ramen Restaurant with a Michelin star). No doubt that these restaurants are insanely delicious. However, if you take a look at the Ramen Supleks Database,  you will notice that these Ramen Restaurant are not the best rated in the Database; In fact, Tsuta’s national overall rank is 34 and Nakiryu is 46, which means that they are not even in the Top 10 or Top 20 of Japan. Impressive right?
The users reviewing and voting in the Ramen Supleks are real Ramen enthusiast dedicated to the craft; Ramen Heads as Koki Higeno would call them. Thanks to that, this Database is the most pertinent tool when it comes to Ramen.

How to use Ramen Supleks?

So, Captain, you are telling me that we have a website providing the Ultimate Ramen database… Why have i not heard about it before? Well, you guessed right, The Ramen Supleks Database is a  Japanese-only website. But hey, don’t give up, here is a few guidelines on how to use it.

Google is your friend.

“Sasuga Google!” as would say my Japanese friend each time i use Google to translate a Japanese word i do not understand.
If you do not have any notions of Japanese, the automatic translation tool from Google can help you translate the website from Japanese to English in order to help you navigate through. The translation isn’t obviously a hundred percent accurate but it can help you get an overall understanding of the menu and explanation (it is more challenging when it comes to the users’ comments!)

If you don’t feel comfortable with this option I will explain to you the basics of How to use the Ramen Database Supleks and navigate through the main options

The Basics:

Let’s review some of the most useful function of the Ramen Database Supleks: The search function, the Ranking and the Map. You will find below several screenshots where i have annotated the most interesting elements.

The Search function:

The Search Function is obviously the most interesting tool when you think of a Database. With all the Ramen listed in the Supleks Database, you need to rely on a strong search function to find what you are looking for. Thankfully the search page is quite simple to use; you can search by Name, Location of Ranking. There is also an advanced search function with other criteria such as Restaurant open 24/24hours, non-smoking, homemade noodles, recently opened, parking,…

search function ramen supleks
Click to enlarge the picture
The Ranking:

The Ranking page is super helpful if you want to target the best Ramen available. As mentioned above, the Ramen Database Supleks is the most relevant tool to find the best Ramen. All the Ramen specialists will tell you that the restaurants listed at the top of this Database truly are the best Ramen worldwide. Forget about the Michelin and other guides, this is the best of the best, evaluated reviewed and commented by the most enthusiast Ramen connoisseurs.
The Ranking page is super easy to use, you have several options to choose from: The overall best Ramen, the new trendy best Ramen, the Monthly Raking,… You can also filter by location, type of Ramen (Ramen, Tsukemen, Tantanmen,…) or type of Broth (Soy, Miso,…).

ranking function ramen db supleks
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The Map:

Ramen Database Supleks has a Map that allows you to localise the best ramen by geographical zone. You will notice that the map also includes Ramen restaurants overseas.
The Map uses a colour code to identify the best Ramen around: The Bright Pink is for rating around 100 points (the best of the best!). The Red is for rating around 90; Orange (80 points), Green (70 points), Bright Green (60 points), Dark Green (50points), Blue (40 points), Purple (20 points), Grey (0 points).

Map ramen supleks explanation

100 points 90 points 80 points 70 points 60 points
 50 points40 points 20 points 0 points


The App:

In addition to their wonderful Database, Ramen Supleks also has an iPhone and Android app (pretty helpful if you are travelling in Japan). The App includes all the useful features of the Supleks Database; Moreover the map function is pretty useful to localise the best Ramen around you. The only downside is that this App is in Japanese only.

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