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Onigiri365 : The Instagram channel you must follow

Onigiri365: The Instagram channel you must follow


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Today’s post is about Instagram, the land of Hashtags, Foodporn, Selfie, culture of Voyeurism and Dopamine shots. These days it is getting more and more difficult to find creative and original contents on the platform, most of the interesting accounts are swept away by the storm of #OOTD #Like4Like or #Followme. It happened a few months ago on a boring Sunday evening, i was scrolling down Instagram’s explore page and i stumbled across the amazing Onigiri365 account. A creative account providing daily pictures of, yes, Onigiri.

Onigiri お握り-The Japanese snack

If you have never heard of the word Onigiri お握りbefore (really?) it is a “foundation” of Japanese cuisine, a staple food consumed every day by millions of Japanese people. In fact, Onigiri is not usually considered as a proper Dish in Japan but more a typical snack. Perfect for breakfast or a Midafternoon treat. You can find them everywhere in the country of the Rising Sun, and the Onigiri culture is now starting to spread overseas.

onigiri preparation
How to make an Onigiri – 6 super easy steps

Onigiri is a super simple dish made of cooked white rice moulded and shaped by hand in a triangular or round form (see picture above). It is often completed with Nori and a garnish such as Umeboshi  (Pickled plum) or the not so Japanese tuna mayo combo (canned tuna with Japanese mayonnaise).

Onigiri365: Where creativity meets Rice Ball

“Artists see the invisible before anyone else.”
Donna Goddard.

To turn a bland dish into 365 beautiful masterpieces is not an easy task. From a white canvas, that is the Onigiri, to regular creative content; Onigiri365 managed to find inspiration on a daily basis, and provide us with some amazing creations.
The Onigiri 365 account started his project a year ago on the second of April 2017 and ended the challenged a few days ago at the beginning of this month. The idea was to take daily pictures of homemade onigiri for 365 days. Prepared with super interesting ingredients such as small fishes, fish eggs, fruits, vegetables and superfoods such as cocoa beans or Bee pollen… We can only congratulate Onigiri365 and be amazed by this impressive work.
Next time you are hitting a wall in your creative process come and get some inspiration from this amazing Account. Where the mind goes the creative process will definitely follow.


On a separate note: Looking at these superb pictures, I can totally imagine a Pop-up restaurant, in a trendy Food court of New York or London, selling a pair of these beautiful onigiris. I would definitely love to be able to order one of these plates for my afternoon snack. Let’s hope the author of this Instagram page comes up with a Business Idea, there is a real opportunity there! White Rice turned into gold.

If you like what you saw, Do not hesitate to follow Onigiri365 for more contents.

Instagram -@Onigiri365
Twitter – @emiOnigiri365

Credit of the pictures used for this Article Instagram – @Onigiri365



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