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NUMAZUKO Sushi Bar Ginza

It was a beautiful sunny day in Tokyo. I was fighting my way through the crowd of zombies shoppers and tourists in the trendy area of Ginza. After running my errands for a few hours in this lovely neighborhood, i decided to enjoy a quick snack before going home.
Ginza is famous for its high-end Sushi, Michelin starred restaurants and luxurious Tempura, however, my afternoon treat would be a Kaiten Sushi; What is more refreshing than a cold beer and some cheap nigiri sushi?
I had Numazuko Sushi bar Ginza on my radar for a while; This restaurant is famous in the small world of Foodie and Kaiten Sushi connoisseur for some unique items that they serve. It was time to see for myself.

NUMAZUKO Sushi Bar Ginza:

Numazuko Sushi Bar Ginza 回転寿司酒場 銀座沼津港 is a Kaiten Sushi located in the heart of the trendy district of Ginza. You will find the Restaurant on the 8th Floor of the famous Kirarito Building. If you are familiar with Ginza you know that there are a lot of really top notch Sushi restaurants in this area (Sukiyabashi Jiro anyone?). Moreover, you would know that the world-renowned Tsukiji fish market is within walking distance as well. Nonetheless, Ginza has some pretty decent Kaiten Sushi such as Nemuro Hanamaru.


Numazuko Sushi Bar belongs to the Numazu  Group. The group has three location in Japan (Shinjuku, Ginza and Yokohama). The Shinjuku restaurant is really famous and pretty good. One key feature of The restaurant i have visited in Ginza is an interesting All you can eat option.

My Review – An Average Kaiten Sushi with interesting specialities :

Rated 3.55 out of 5 on Tabelog, Numazuko Sushi Bar is famous for three specialities: the Shirasu fujiMori (Plateful Raw Young Sardine), Ebi fujimori (Plateful Raw Sakura Shrimp) and the NamaUni fujimori (Plateful Sea Urchin). These three items caught my attention and i decided to visit the restaurant to try them.
First of all these three specialities are looking good on pictures but are really difficult to eat! The fish is served piled on rice with Nori sheets on the side. Then it is up to you to decide how you eat that without spilling food everywhere (good luck!).
The Ebi fujimori (420円) was delicious, fresh, a pleasing experience. On the other side the Shirasu fujimori (420円) was less convincing. The texture was really ahem… original. Quite viscous, I would recommend it if you feel adventurous and want to try something new. The NamaUni fujimori (1000円) was really good but expensive, if you love Sea Urchin you will be delighted.

ebifujimori numazuko ginza
Ebi fujimori
shirasufujimori numazuko ginza
Shirasu fujiMori
numazuko uni
NamaUni fujimori

For the more classic options, i ordered what i love most these days (sorry i didn’t take pictures of all of them): Aburi Iwashi (Grilled Sardine), Hotate (scallop), Otoro (fatty tuna), Unagi (marinated and grilled eel) and a Botan Ebi (Botan Shrimp).
Overall the quality was quite average. Not bad nor extraordinary, just average. If you are experienced with Kaiten Sushi you will know that there are better restaurants available (and much worst as well).
One big disappointment was the unagi as you can see in the picture below nothing close to the real deal…

aburi iwashi numazuko ginza
Aburi Iwashi (Grilled Sardine)
unagi numazuko
Unagi (marinated and grilled eel)

numazuko counter

I left the shop satisfied but a bit disappointed by the quality of some of the Sushi. I was expecting something above average. The place is definitely good for a quick snack or to try their 3 specialities. However, if you really wish to treat yourself with delicious Sushi you have better places around.



“Numazuko Ginza is an Average Kaiten Sushi with interesting options.
It is worth a detour for their unique specialities;
Otherwise you have better Sushi places around

Overall: 3/5
3 stars rating

Taste: 3/5

Price for value: 3/5

The Restaurant: 3/5

Information :

Numazuko Sushi Bar
回転寿司酒場 銀座沼津港
Japan, 〒106-0061 Tokyo, 中央区銀座1丁目8−19


Opening Hours : Everyday 11am – 11pm

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