Show you must watch : Trails to Tsukiji Market – NHK Documentary

Show you must watch:
Trails to Tsukiji NHK Documentary


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Dear fellow readers, welcome to a new episode of Show you must watch.  A category of interesting content, documentary and food-related videos from the web. This time i would like to recommend you another program from the great NHK World channel. A documentary focusing on the amazing foods you can find at the Tsukiji Market.


Tsukiji Market, located in Tokyo, is the most renowned fish Market worldwide. It is also one of the first thing you get asked when returning home after visiting Tokyo. “Have you eaten Sushi at the Tsukiji Fish Market?”.
Even though, Tsukiji is famous worldwide for its Seafood; the Market is not all about Sushi. Broadcasted every Wednesday and Thursday, Trails to Tsukiji counts more than 50 episodes dedicated to Japanese food and the specialities available at Tsukiji Market. Each episode length around 30 minutes and focus on a specific topic or ingredient such as : Flying Fish, Sancho, Sansai, Apple, Spinach, Yuzu, Kombu, Matsutake,…

The video below is a super interesting episode from Trails to Tsukiji focusing on Sushi (obviously!) available at Tsukiji. The program investigates the end to end lifecycle of Sushi at Tsukiji. From the fishmonger and producers, the ingredients used, to the Chefs and restaurant available at Tsukiji. A must see to understand a bit more about the context and actors surrounding Tsukiji Market.

Trails to Tsukiji is available on video on demand after broadcasting, on the NHK World website.


Credit: NHK World TV – Original link NHK website

With more than 50 episodes,
Trails to Tsukiji will provide you with super interesting insights
about the food and ingredients available at this unique Market.

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