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The BEST Kaiten Sushi in Tokyo : KATSU MIDORI

Katsu Midori:
One of the BEST Kaiten Sushi in Tokyo

In case you haven’t noticed yet i am a huge Kaiten sushi enthusiast. If you don’t know what Kaiten Sushi is, it is the conveyor belt sushi restaurant that you can find everywhere in Japan. The atmosphere is much more casual (and fun) than the traditional sushi restaurants; You are not seating in front of the Itamae, which means that you don’t have to behave and no one will judge you if you plunge your sushi (and rice) in too much soy sauce or eat too much Gari (ginger).
Kaiten Sushi are often criticised for delivering sushi of average quality. Whilst it can be true, it is not the case at Katsu Midori, considered by many including myself one of the best Kaiten Sushi in Tokyo.

The Restaurant:

Katsu Midori 活美登利 is a famous chain of Kaiten Sushi Restaurants that has several locations in Tokyo (Ikebukuro and Shibuya amongst the most famous) and also nationwide (Funabashi, Kawasaki).
katsu midori card

The branch i visit all the time (and the one i review in this article), is the Katsu Midori located in the big Seibu Ikebukuro department store. You can access the store directly from Ikebukuro station by heading toward the Seibu Ikebukuro exit. You will then find Katsu Midori on the 8th floor of the department store. For your information, the 8th Floor or Seibu is a dining hall with all kind of delicious restaurants and food.


Katsu Midori‘s first restaurant opened in 2002. The name refers to the kanji Katsu “活”  meaning Lively or Fresh. It is linked to their mission of providing delicious and fresh Sushi affordable for everyone. They live by this motto, and 16 years later, we can say that Katsu Midori is ahead of the Kaiten Sushi game in Tokyo.

The Menu:

katsu midori menu
Click on the picture for the full menu

My review of Katsu Midori: 

Katsu Midori is a very demanded restaurant. In fact, unless you are super lucky (it never happened to me) you can expect to queue from 20 minutes to an hour to eat there. I have even tried to visit the restaurant on a weekday at the morning opening and people were already queuing to get inside. The good thing is that it wasn’t your typical Tripadvisor Tourists waiting in line. No, It was proper Japanese people: Salaryman sneaking away from the office, teenagers, family, grandparents, workers… (You know what it means right? Delicious food!). It is often the case with renowned Kaiten Sushi in Tokyo such as Katsu Midori, Toriton or Nemuro Hanamaru.

Once seated i knew i was in for my usual treat. Before that, let me tell you about The ordering system at Katsu Midori is the following:
First of all, you have the obvious conveyor belt running through the restaurant. The chefs prepare fresh Sushi in the middle of the restaurant and put them on the conveyor system. Because of the quality of the Sushi served there, you have a high turnover of Sushi on the belt. It means that you probably won’t see the same sad Nigiri coming back several times in front of you before a new innocent customer picks it up.
Secondly, you have a digital tablet at each seat. From this tablet, you have access to the menu including a selection of all the Sushi and specialities served at Katsu Midori. You can order them from your tablet and the plates get delivered directly in front of you (how convenient). The tablet has an English menu which is quite helpful. If you don’t manage to set up the tablet in English simply wave at a Waiter and ask “Sumimasen, English Onegaishimasu” they will know what to do.

Now let me tell you why i consider that Katsu Midori is probably the best Kaiten Sushi in Tokyo:

A wide selection…

One of the reasons why i love Katsu Midori is because of the wide selection of Sushi that they have.
The Menu starts at a low price point with a large range of appetizing Sushi for 100円: Maguro (Tuna), Aji (Horse Mackerel), Iwashi (Sardine), Ebi (Fresh shrimp),…, just to name a few.
Within the 200-300円 price range, you have an amazing choice of delicious option: Toro (Fatty Tuna), Hotate (Scallop), Botan Ebi (Jumbo sweet Shrimp), Kanpachi (Amberjack), Uni (Sea Urchin,)…
On a higher price point, you will find premium mouth watering items such as Zuwaigani (Snow crab 450円) and  Otoro (Premium Fatty Tuna 500円).
At Katsu Midori, you will not only find the usual sushi offering but also, the menu has a selection of Seasonal items such as the delicious Kuruma shrimp or fresh abalone.
In addition, you can find some unique items such as the Golden Sushi (500円). It is a nigiri Sushi made of premium ingredients including Otoro (Fatty Tuna), Uni (Sea Urchin), Ikura (Salmon Roe) and Gold Leaf (crazy right?). A bit pricey but delicious!
Overall, the range of Sushi available at Katsu midori is quite large and they have an excellent value for money.

…of Fresh and Delicious Sushi :

You can tell me, Ey Captain! It is great to have a wide range of Sushi to choose from, but the first thing is to ensure that they are fresh and delicious. Rest assured the sushi at Katsu Midori are simply Amazing!
That’s the other reason why i love Katsu Midori. Each time i go there i am impressed at how fresh the Sushi taste! With the wide range of Sushi that they have and the amount that they must be serving on a daily basis, you would think that you’re going to be disappointed at some point. Well, it just never happened.
Not only the Sushi are fresh and Tatsy but the serving are also super generous. The chefs at Katsu Midori aren’t shy with the slices of fish that they serve. Just look at the large slice of Otoro and Unagi on the pictures above. You know the saying Generosity is a practical expression of love; Needless to say that my belly is conquered.


To finish my review of Katsu Midori, i would like to say that the restaurant has also a really nice vibe, casual atmosphere and is foreigner friendly.
The staff is brilliant, attentive and always helpful. I remember one time where i missed the last plate of a special nigiri sushi who passed in front of me. A chef caught my disappointment from far away and prepared another one for me that he brought over without me asking. I was amazed and needless to say that he made my day (Yes i am an easy man to please). Another time also, i ordered a special seasonal item that i had no idea how to eat. One of the chefs saw my confusion and explained to me with a friendly laugh how to eat it. Since them, the Ikebukuro Branch became my favourite one.

Katsu Midori kaiten sushi
A happy day at Katsu Midori Ikebukuro

“If you have to pick one Kaiten Sushi in Tokyo it has to be Katsu Midori.

Casual atmosphere, great selection of Fresh Fish and amazing price for value”

oishii 美味しい
“Oishii desu!”

Overall: 5/5

five stars



8F Seibu Ikebukuro (Seibu Ikebukuro Exit within the Station)
1-28-1 Minamiikebukuro,
豊島区 Tokyo 171-8569, Japan
+81 3-6914-1185

Opening Hours: 

  • Monday – Friday: 11:00am – 11:00pm
  • Saturday – Sunday : 10:30am – 11:00pm

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A Video about KATSU MIDORI:

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