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Tsukiji Sushiko:
A decent Omakase in Akasaka

It was after a long day of work. I was walking around Akasaka thinking that i only have a few days left before going back home. My goal was simple: to eat as much Sushi as possible while i was there. An Easy task for an insatiable gourmet. That’s when i noticed a front store sign mentioning Tsukiji Sushiko. I knew the name; a chain of Sushi restaurants that i never visited before. Well, it was a perfect timing to rectify that.

The Restaurant:

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Tsukiji Sushiko 築地すし好 is a chain of Edomae Sushi restaurants. They have around twenty restaurants in Tokyo with locations in Tsukiji, Ginza, Shinbashi,…, and Akasaka (full list here). The Akasaka branch that i have visited is located at walking distance from both Akasaka Station (1-minute walk) and Akasaka Mitsuke Station (2 minutes walk). You won’t find the place in Google map (how is it even possible in 2018?) so i have marked the restaurant in the map below.

The restaurant has around 15 counter seats and 18 table seats. The interior design has a nice feel, nothing fancy nor cheap. The atmosphere is quite casual and relax.

My review of Tsukiji Sushiko:

When i entered Tsukiji Sushiko that day the place was quite empty, a quiet atmosphere for the solitary gourmet i am. A friendly waiter greeted me and i made my way to a counter seat in front of the Itamae. For me, nothing is more entertaining than watching the Chef carefully preparing my sushi before devouring them.  No one else was sitting at the counter seats and i saw the intrigued face of the Itamae probably thinking “What is this Gaijin doing here”.
Once seated you are immediately provided with a Hot towel to wash your hands and a cup of green tea. That’s all I love about Japanese hospitality, a friendly smile, hot towel and free drinks everywhere you go. The Garcon de café in my lovely Paris should learn from them.
I had a quick look at the menu and decided with my best Japanese to order the omakase menu (Chef’s selection) and two extras sushi. “Jouzu desu ne!” That was the first Jouzu of a long series. If you have not been greeted with your first Jouzu before it is a very typical Japanese word meaning Skilled. That’s the most common thing you hear when you try to speak a few words in Japanese. It can be as rewarding as frustrating.

Tsukiji Sushiko omakase sushi set

Back to the Sushi. The omakase menu is served on a beautiful plate composed of 12 Nigiri and 2 tamagoyaki. The set includes most of the usual items (Maguro, Chutoro, Ebi, Sea urchin,…) In addition to that i have ordered an Aburi Salmon (Seard Salmon) and Oshizushi saba (Pressed Mackerel Sushi).
Taste wise the fish was fresh and pretty decent, the rice had the right texture and temperature. The Komezu (rice vinegar) was well balanced not too sweet not too salty. The only one that left me a bit disappointed was the Anago, the preparation was lacking flavour..
Overall is was a decent Omakase menu. Nothing exceptional nor bad. It is exactly what you should expect at that price point.

Tsukiji Sushiko aburi salmon and hakozushi

Food aside, It was a fun experience to eat at Tsukishi Sushiko. The game i was playing was to pretend i am focusing on my sushi then suddenly lifting my head to see the restaurant’ staff, curiously looking at me, eyes-wide-open entertained by this Gaijin who manages to eat Sushi like a proper Japanese. Super friendly staff, we managed to discuss a bit before i left the place.
Price wise, i have paid 3400 for the Omakase Menu plus the two extras. It is within the average price in Tokyo if not quite competitive. A good price for value.
I left the place satisfied. On my way back, i took a detour to visit Hie Jinja Shrine, located 5 minutes away from Tsukiji Sushiko, to pray the God of Food to allow me to eat more delicious Sushi before going back Home.

“Tsukiji Sushiko is an honest Sushi restaurant. Nothing Exceptionnal nor Bad,
Good Omakase set.
Friendly Staff”

happy face food

Overall: 3/5

3 stars rating

Taste: 3/5

Price for value: 3/5

Restaurant: 3/5



3-13-6 Akasaka Minato Tokyo
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday: 17:00am – 03:30am

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