TOP 20 BEST RAMEN MAP in japan

Map of the TOP 20 BEST Ramen in Japan

Map of the TOP 20 BEST Ramen in Japan:

best ramen japan
Credit – Jonathan Lin

Hi Folks, following my recent post about the Ramen Database Supleks, i have created a Map of the TOP 20 Best Ramen in Japan. The Map is based on the overall ranking of the Ramen Restaurant in the Database Supleks; Which means only one thing, it is La Creme de la Creme of Ramen restaurant in Japan.

If you are not familiar with the Ramen Database Supleks, it is the Most relevant tool to find the Best Ramen in Japan. With almost 80 000 Ramen restaurants listed and hundreds thousand reviews, it is the place to visit to localise the best Ramen available in Japan.

The restaurants are classified from rank 1 to 20 with a colour code from Dark red (1 to 5) to Light yellow (16 to 20):map best ramen japan

Link of the map: TOP 20 Best Ramen in Japan


Interesting to see that most of the Best Ramen Restaurants are revolving around the Tokyo Area (Tomita, Menya Kisso, Menya Issou). You will also recognise that the first Ramen restaurant ranked is Tomita, presented in the documentary Ramen Heads.
Overall, all the Ramen restaurants listed in this MAP are the best of the best, the MVPs of the noodles game. Go to any of these restaurants and you will be transported to another universe full of flavour and umami. You can visit these places your eyes closed and your belly empty

Following this first Map, i will provide you with other Maps with a focus per Region. This will help you spot the best Ramen Joints when travelling all around Japan.

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