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Tokyo Bucket List: Restaurants to visit #1


Hi Everyone, in preparation for another trip to Japan i was thinking about the new restaurants that i absolutely need to try in Tokyo, the Capital of Foodie. I thought it would be a good opportunity to edit a Bucket List and make it accessible to my fellow readers. Sharing is Caring so here we are my bucket list of 5 places to visit during your next stay in Tokyo. Tempura, Tonkatsu, traditional Loach speciality, Unagi and Japanese sweets, let’s go!


tokyo restaurants list bucket kaneko kannosuke

Budget:  <1000円
Food Type: Tendon
Why visit: A family run business for several generations. They serve a generous and mouthwatering Tendon for less than a thousand yens. This place is quite famous in the local food scene.
What to try: The Edomae Tendon. A delicious TenDon (rice bowl with tempuras) made of shrimp, squid, conger and soft boiled egg amongst other things. The fish used on this dish is purchased every morning at the Tsukiji fish market. Also, the Ten Don is served with a famous finger-licking homemade secret sauce.


tokyo restaurants list bucket narikura

Budget:  1500 – 3000円
Food Type: Tonkatsu
Why visit: Reputed for the quality of their Tonkatsu. This restaurant is often cited as one of the best Tonkatsu in Tokyo.
What to try: The Kirifuri-Kogen pork from Tochigi, Nikko. One of the tastiest pork you can eat at Narikura.
Website: N/A


tokyo restaurants list bucket komagata dozeu

Budget:  1500 – 2500円
Food Type: Traditional Japanese
Why visit: Kamagata Dozeu is a traditional restaurant where they have been cooking Japanese Loach for two centuries. Their Loach speciality is something you won’t find often in Japan and they have kept the same recipe for hundred years. Definitely worth a try.
What to try: Dozeu Nabe, the speciality of the restaurant. It is fresh loach (Dozeu) cooked over a charcoal grill on a sake and miso broth.


tokyo restaurants list bucket unagi

Budget:  3000 – 4000円
Food Type:
Why visit: Irokawa is a long established restaurant specialised in Unagi since 1861. A perfect stop during a visit at Asakusa, they are renowned for the quality of their Unaju.
What to try: The Unaju. It is rice topped with fresh Unagi cooked over charcoal

5. WAGASHI KUROGI 廚 菓子 くろぎ

tokyo restaurants list bucket

Budget:  1000-2000円
Food Type: Japanese sweets
Why visit: What would be a visit to Japan without Japanese sweets? Kurogi serves delicious and high-quality Japanese sweets, in a super well-designed restaurant designed by the architect Kengo Kuma. A famous stop for Todai students.
What to try: The Warabi Mochi or Kakigori
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