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ITAMAE SUSHI 板前寿司 赤坂店 :
Another decent sushi restaurant in Akasaka

ITAMAE SUSHI 板前寿司 赤坂店 :
Another decent sushi restaurant in Akasaka

Following my previous errand in Akasaka and my visit to Tsukiji Sushiko, i had to return to the Akasaka neighbourhood to attend several meetings again. This is how i ended up in another sushi restaurant called Itamae Sushi.
Same story different day. After several hours being entertained watching my colleagues trying not to fall asleep during endless meetings, the day was finally over. I was craving for some Sushi again and thought i could probably find a tasty place around. I walked a few minutes near Akasaka Mitsuke station and this is where i noticed a big restaurant sign written Itamae Sushi. The place looked ok and i was too hungry to spend hours searching for another place.

The Restaurant:
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ITAMAE SUSHI 板前寿司  is a chain of Sushi restaurants in Japan. They have 8 restaurants in the Tokyo area (Shinjuku, Akasaka, Ginza, Shinbashi, Ueno..) and one in Kofu. They are the self-proclaimed “Maguro number 1 restaurant in Tokyo“. Well… that’s a hell of a statement, right?
One thing i have also discovered on their website is that they offer a live cutting Tuna performance, where one of their Itamae chops a big fresh tuna in front of you. That would be an interesting thing to do (I have just added that to my bucket list of things to do in Tokyo)

The ITAMAE SUSHI restaurant i visited in Akasaka has a nice design with lots of space. They have a total of 82 seats on two floors with both counter seats and more private tables.

My review of ITAMAE SUSHI:
The so-called Luxurious Sushi Combo.

When i entered Itamae Sushi i have been immediately greeted by a friendly waitress. She kindly asked me to follow her on the second floor of the restaurant. She showed me a seat at the counter table but weird enough the kitchen of the second floor was closed. Probably because it was late-afternoon and only a handful of customers were there.
Once seated I immediately had a look at the menu but i had no idea of what i wanted to order. Take note that ITAMAE SUSHI has a wide selection of sushi and dishes. The only thing i knew is that i was craving for Sushi, however, i had no idea of which one i wanted to eat.
Itamae Sushi has a nice All Tuna set on their menu, displaying all shades of Tuna from lean Maguro to super fatty Otoro, but i was not in a mood for a Tuna feast-only (i will certainly come back for that one day).
Following 5 minutes of intense reflexion that felt like an hour (picture Schopenhauer debating about the Freedom of Will), I finally decided to order the recommend so-called Luxurious Sushi Combo. It was a nice name and was not too expensive.

The so-called Luxurious Sushi Combo.
The so-called Luxurious Sushi Combo.

The Luxurious Sushi Combo is a set composed of 11 sushi and one tamagoyaki. You can recognise most of the usual fish in this set (Saba, Uni, Ebi, Ikura,….), no surprise there. The overall experience was pretty decent in regards to the price. There is just one thing that confused me. I am not sure what they mean when they say on their website that they serve the best maguro of Tokyo. The tuna was pretty good, fresh and tasty. However, it wasn’t the best Tuna i had in my life. Just an the right thing at the right price point.

In addition to the traditional Sushi in the picture. The Luxurious Sushi Combo also comes with a Beef Nigiri Sushi. I am always sceptical about this trend even though i understand the concept on some occasions (Raw horse nigiri for example). This nigiri sushi is served with a large slice of meat on top. It was huge, The meat was slightly cooked and served with a pretty decent sauce i have to say, it was quite interesting.

For your information also, the menu is served with a salad and Miso Soup. Nothing special here.

meat nigiri sushi
These “Meat Nigiri Sushi’ are quite trendy these days but nothing mind blowing in terms of taste

I paid around 3000yen for this sushi set and it was worth it. A decent place if you are around and craving for some sushi.

One final thing to mention is that ITAMAE SUSHI Akasaka has a super Friendly staff. I say so because when i left the restaurant I forgot my bag below the counter in front of my seat… And yes, the waitress ran after me to bring it back. If you have been living in Japan for a long time, you know this level of honesty and hospitality is a normal standard. However where i am from it is clearly not. Thank you for that.

“ITAMAE SUSHI is another decent Sushi experience in Akasaka.
It is nothing special in comparison to the famous high-end Sushi place in Tokyo.
However, if you are around and carving for some Sushi, the place is worth a stop.”

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Overall: 3/5

3 stars rating

Taste: 3/5

Price for value: 3/5

Restaurant: 3/5


赤坂3丁目8−17 パンジャパンビル 1階2階
Japan, 〒107-0052 Tokyo, Minato,

Opening Hours: 

  • Monday – Friday: 11:30am – 03:30am
  • Saturday – Sunday : 11:30am – 10:30pm

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