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Tokyo Bucket List: Restaurants to visit #2

5 places to visit during your next stay in Tokyo



Hi Everyone, following my previous Tokyo Bucket list of recommended restaurants in Tokyo. Here is the second edition of some must-try restaurants while you are visiting Tokyo. The Capital of Foodie has plenty of exclusive and tempting places to try. I probably have twenty different bucket lists on my notebook so you can expect more Tokyo Bucket list blog posts in the future. Sharing is Caring so here we are, the second Tokyo bucket list of 5 places to visit during your next stay in Tokyo: A high-end Sushi restaurant in Ginza run by a Female Chef, The national dish of Sumo Chanko Nabe, an original and super tasty Blue ramen, one of the best Udon in Tokyo and a unique Matcha parfait. Itadakimasu!


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Budget:  20 000円-29 000円
Food Type: High-end Sushi
Why visit: In a Sushi scene ruled by men it is good to See a Woman, Takeuchi-san, operating her own restaurant and breaking the rules. Takeuchi-san has been trained at the famous Sushi Shimizu in Shimbashi and opened Sushi Take in 2014. In only a few years her restaurant has become one of the most reputable high-end Sushi places in Ginza. One word: Respect.
What to try: The seasonal Omakase menu of course!
Website: N/A

2. KIPPOSHI 拉麺 吉法師

TOKYO BUCKET LIST Kipposhi blue ramen

Budget:  900 – 1100円
Food Type: Ramen
Why visit: Kipposhi serves a unique broth in both blue (or pink) version. The ramen is renowned to be as tasty as original. It is served in a blue natural chicken broth with lean chicken instead of the usual fatty Chashu pork, Spirulina noodles, vegetables and an egg. A must try if you like to do things differently. Your belly and Instagram feed will thank you.
What to try: The Clear Chicken soup “Blue”.
Website: N/A


chanko nabe tomoegata TOKYO BUCKET LIST

Budget:  3000 – 6000円
Food Type: Chanko Nabe – Hotpot
Why visit: Chanko Tomoegata is one of the most famous Chanko Nabe place in tokyo. If you don’t know what Chanko Nabe is, it’s the national dish of Sumo or “Sumo Stew”. The dish is a hot-pot served with meat, vegetables, and a delicious rich broth. Chanko Tomoegata serves one of the best Chanko Nabo you could get in Tokyo with plenty of choices and seasonal items. Take note that they also have a special offering where you can watch Sumo wrestling before being served a traditional set menu.
What to try: The Tachiyama or Kunimiyama chanko set.T he daily seasonal lunch menu is also a must try.

4. UDON MARUKA うどん 丸香


Budget:  <1000円
Food Type: Udon
Why visit: Simply one of the best Udon restaurant in Tokyo! Udon is often underrated or seen as the cheap meal of hurried salaryman, Udon Maruka will prove you wrong. They have a wide variety of delicious Udon to choose from with most dishes below 500円. Basically, you can indulge in exquisite food on a budget.
What to try: Everything! And don’t forget the tempura and chikuwa on the side.
Website: N/A


salon sabou ginza tokyo bucket list

Budget:  500-2000円
Food Type: Japanese sweets
Why visit: A trendy Salon in the shopping district of Ginza perfect if you are a Matcha addict. Amongst many delicacies, they offer a renowned Matcha treat called the Sabou Parfait. Perfect for an afternoon snack in a cosy and relaxed atmosphere.
What to try: The Sabou parfait. It is a unique Japanese interpretation of the French Parfait. A visual beauty and a pleasure to eat. Matcha flavoured, the Sabou Parfait is served in a traditional wooden cup called Masu. You break the beautiful green surface and then indulge in a creamy combination of Matcha Ice cream, mascarpone, and other delightful surprises. It is addictive, you have been warned.

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