ice cream matcha melon pan

ice cream matcha melon pan at Asakusa

Probably the Best Ice cream Matcha Melon Pan in Tokyo

Kagetsudo is a bakery specialised in delicious Melon Pan and located in the heart of Asakusa in Tokyo.


Welcome to a new episode of Food Escapades Japan where your host, Le Captain Foodie, travels around Japan to discover and review the best food available.
In today’s article, i will introduce you to Kagetsudo, a place where you can eat probably one of the best ice cream Matcha Melon Pan in Tokyo.


Kagetsudo is a bakery located in the traditional district of Asakusa in Tokyo. It is a local institution and a mandatory stop for me each time i visit the Area. Nothing beats the vibe of visiting this traditional neighbourhood while eating a delicious ice cream Matcha Melon Patcha, especially on a hot sunny day of Spring or Summer.

Asakusa Kagetsudo has several shops in Tokyo and you can find the details of their shops on this link: I would recommend you to go to the Asakusa store, just for the atmosphere and the proximity with a lot of touristic places worth seeing such as the Senso-Ji temple.
If you want to avoid tourists on the other end you should definitely try the other shops as this one tend to be a bit crowded.


I know I will disappoint a lot of you, but simply forget about the bland Melon Pan you buy at 7-Eleven. With approximately 3000 pieces sold a day, Asakusa Kagetsudo is a bakery specialised in Melon Pan and serves the real deal.
At Asakusa Kagetsudo they offer a wide variety of Melon Pan from the classic plain one (cf. picture above) to the Ice Cream Melon Pan that I am recommending to you today.
The Ice Cream Melon Pan is basically a plain Melon Pan sliced in two and filled with delicious ice cream. They serve it with all kind of ice cream flavours. If you want to do it the Japanese way, go for the Matcha flavoured ice cream, it is a real blast! The heat and crispness of the just baked Melon Pan combined with the cold of the ice Cream creates a delicious texture that melts in your mouth. The quality of the ingredients used to produce both the Melon Pan and the Ice Cream are of high standards and it reflects in the taste with a comforting explosion of flavours.
The first bit into this masterpiece should have you as addicted as i am.

The Kagetsudo bakery has a secret recipe that makes the Melon pan crispy on the outside and super fluffy on the inside. You can instantaneously feel the difference if you have tried Melon Pan before or if you used to buy them at your local convenience store. It is like buying a croissant at un supermarket in France and then discovery the savoir-faire of a real Artisan Boulanger in the countryside. Incomparable.

If you make a stop at Asakusa Kagetsudo, take this opportunity to also visit the Area. There are lots of traditional shops and interesting places to see. If you are lucky and the weather is decent, try have a walk around the park and enjoy the traditional architecture of this neighbourhood, it is a one of a kind considering you are in the heart of one of the most futuristic city in the world.

Asakusa Kagetudo
2 Chome-7-13 Asakusa, Taitō, Tokyo 111-0032, Japan

Opening Hours: 09-00 – until sold out

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