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Creme Brulee Donut in Kyoto – A must try

It was a beautiful summer day in Kyoto. We were exploring the city with my brother and decided that the best way to enjoy the weather was to walk from Nishiki Market to the Arashiyama bamboo forest. It’s an enjoyable two hours walk, especially considering the beauty of Kyoto and its traditional architecture.
If Kyoto is often referred to as a really authentic and traditional city in Japan, don’t be surprised to find lots of occidental influence when it comes to food. Notably the hundreds Boulangerie and other European inspired bakery stores. And we were quite surprised to find an original local shop specialised in donut, but not any kind of donuts, a special Creme Brulee Donut.

creme brulee store kyoto

The shop

The Creme Brulee Donut concept store is located in the Nakagyo ward in Kyoto, more especially in the Sanjokai shotengai ( Shopping street). The store is quite easy to spot and should attract your eyes with the big pictures of crispy donuts filled with custard (cf above). The shop itself is pretty small, so don’t expect to go there and find a place to sit to eat your donuts. It is more a grab and go kind of shop.

A passionate Chef

When we walked by the Sanjo Shotengai an saw the shop with pictures of delicious donuts, we couldn’t resist the temptation and had to stop to check what Creme Brulee Donut was all about.
There was no one else in the shop at the time so we started engaging with the chef. He is fluent in English (which was unexpected) and explained to us the concept of his store. To keep it short, he tried a creme brulee dessert while travelling abroad and he decided to bring back this recipe to Japan with a twist. That’s how he came with the idea of this fantastic Creme Brulee Donut shop.

That’s what i love about travelling and discovering new places. Especially in Japan where everyone is so dedicated to their craft. He wants to be the king of Creme brulee donut and you can feel his enthusiasm when he talks about it.

As fresh as it can be

The owner is not messing with you when he explains that he wants to sell the best creme brulee donut you can find. After ordering ours (250 yens) he went to get us a freshly fried donut that he filled with custard. Then the recipe is quite straightforward, he added sugar on top and burnt the whole thing with a blowtorch to get this crispy creme brulee cover on top. The whole process was fun and shows how super fresh the donuts are made in this shop.

He had this proud look in his eyes when he presented the donut to us while waiting for the final verdict. Oh my gosh it was delicious!

creme brulee kyoto
creme brulee kyoto

The Taste: It was perfect!

Well, as you have already guessed the creme brulee donut was amazing.

There is a thing with Japanese people and their capacity to focus on one thing only and try to sublime it and raise it to perfection. That’s the taste this donut had, the satisfying taste of dedication. The donut was Crispy and fluffy. A delicious custard cream filling inside and a sugary caramel cover on top, The best of both world.

If you are visiting the area and are carving for something sweet. Visit this shop and help this local ambitious chef to develop his great initiative.
Creme Brulee donut 1 – Krispy Kreme 0.

Brulee Kyoto
69 Kamikawaracho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 604-8374, Japan

Opening Hours:
Monday – Sunday: 10:00 – 07-00 pm

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