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Premarché Gelateria プレマルシェ・ジェラテリア

If you have read my previous article about my experience at Creme Brulee donut in Kyoto , this one was on that same day. While visiting Kyoto with my brother on a beautiful afternoon, we decided to enjoy a walk in the old capital of Japan and use this excuse to turn it into a Food escapade. On our way to the Arashiyama bamboo groove, we randomly passed by the Sanjo Shotengai (a shotengai is a large commercial street the in a form of covered arcade). In this shopping street, we spotted a few delicious places to try, Premarche Gelateria was one of them. The equation was simple: What’s better than a delicious ice cream on a hot summer day?

sanjo shotengai kyoto
Entrance of the Sanjo Shotengai
Premarché Gelateria shop

If i were to ask you where to find the most delicious Ice Cream on the planet, you will probably tell me about Italy or the US but certainly not Japan.
Japan does not have a long nor renowned history when it comes to ice cream. However, Japanese people have this capacity of appropriating things from foreign countries and sublime them to a whole new level. If you disagree, just think about Whisky for a second.


Premarche Gelateria shop

The Premarché Gelateria プレマルシェ・ジェラテリア store is located in the Nakagyo ward in Kyoto, more especially in the Sanjokai shotengai (Shopping street). The store is spacious and you have tables available to sit and enjoy your ice cream. You can also order all kind of Coffee and teas.
Premarché Gelateria offer a wide range of Flavours (more on that below) and you have the possibility to buy tasting ticket for a 100 yen. I see you coming but don’t worry, you can try up to 3 flavours for free before deciding or having to buy a tasting ticket.

The store has a trendy feel and the staff is very friendly. There is a ticket machine at the entrance from where you order what you want to eat and drink (A two-servings of ice cream costs 600 yens). Then you simply give the tickets to the staff in order to be served.


If we forget about the hot weather and the desire to cool down with a refreshing ice cream for a second, what attracted us to Premarché Gelateria was the big sign claiming about their award winning ice cream (cf.picture below) .

Premarche Gelateria award winning

Premarche Gelateria is led by Nobuo Nakagawa who trained in the country of ice cream, Italy. He opened the Sanjo Shop that we visited back in 2017 and won several awards the following year in the world-renowned “Sorbetti of the World” contests.


In addition to being really focused on the quality of their ingredients and the ice cream making process. Premarche Gelateria has another Ethos: to put a strong focus on using only natural ingredients and creating vegan flavours without animal products such as milk. They also avoid using emulsifiers and stabilizers to enhance the texture of their ice cream.
They have a wide variety of flavours to choose from (twenty are usually displayed in the shop). I decided to try my all time favourite which is Chocolate and also something more original which was Chestnut.


You don’t win awards at an International Gelato Contest in Italy if you are not on top of your game. Well, Premarche Gelateria is, and you can feel it after indulging in the first spoon of ice cream.

The chocolate ice cream was amazing, it was not too sweet an had a really deep flavour that lasts in your mouth.
The combination with chestnut was really original and comforting. The earthy and sweet natural tastes of chestnut were a perfect match to the cocoa taste of the chocolate.

The texture was really creamy, generous an unctuous. It wasn’t heavy at all.

If you like ice cream and are visiting the area, i can only recommend you to go and have a treat at Premarché Gelateria. They sell high-quality ice cream in a trendy shop and with lots of different flavours available. What else can you ask for?

Premarché Gelateria プレマルシェ・ジェラテリア
〒604-8331 Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto, Nakagyo Ward, 三条通猪熊西入御供町308 1F

Opening Hours:
Everyday (except Wednesday) : 12:00 – 06-00 pm 

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