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A new Food Escapade in Bangkok

A new Food Espacade in the land of Smiles. Bangkok here i am!


Sawasdee Thailand, Bangkok here i am!

Can you guys tell me what’s more exciting than landing in a country that you have heard so much about yet never visited before?

When i decided to book a last minute flight for Bangkok a few days ago i knew two things about the city: the weather would be around 35 degrees and the food scene is one of the best worldwide.

The food scene in Bangkok is one of the best worldwide

The plan was to escape the gloomy weather of Europe and discover something new. I hadn’t prepared anything before my flight, i didn’t read much about the city or Thailand custom and history. I was just ready to get lost in translation and eat delicious food. And we are here to talk about food so let’s do it!

Thai cuisine is a really rich and complex cuisine with many famous dishes such as the Pad Thai, Tom Yum Goong, Red and Green curry, Som Tam, Khao Pad and so much more… We have all seen the trend growing in Europe and the US over the past decades with Thai restaurants opening everywhere. I keep on thinking that the flavour of our favourite Thai joint next door is often nothing compared to the real deal so here we are…!

After landing and being slapped in the face by the heat and energy of Bangkok it was time to let the Food Escapade begin!

(I will probably dedicate another article about the travel in Bangkok, the accommodation, the best neighbourhoods to stay and any tips i learned during my travel)


Odean crab noodle bangkok
Odean crab noodle bangkok

I hear you coming already, and yes you are right, what am i doing eating at a Chinese joint in Chinatown for my first meal in Bangkok?! No Thai Food, really?
There is a good explanation about that. The weather was so hot that day that i wasn’t feeling like eating at all. That’s a weird feeling i hardly experience trust me… yet it happened here in Bangkok after a thirteen hours flight ready to eat it all…
I decided to spend my first day visiting all kind of places by walking all around Bangkok. That’s my thing, whether Google map tells me it’s fifteen minutes or three hours away by foot, i walk, that’s how i enjoy and experience new cities.
That day i walked, a lot, a L O T,… on an empty stomach, and i ended up in Chinatown feeling like it’s Carb up or faint. First joint on sight: Odean Noodle Crab, the gods of food were with me!

Odean crab noodle is not any kind of restaurant, it is a renowned crab noodle restaurant in Bangkok made famous for the size of the crab claws they can offer on their menu.

I went for a simple 200 baht dish of crab noodles with wonton and soup on the side. Something just enough to fill me with enough calories to continue my visit. I wasn’t feeling like eating at all.

odean crab noodle

The crab meat was really tasty and tender, the two wonton on the side were pretty good as well. The noodles were a bit dry but much better once soaked in the soup. The soup itself was light and flavourful. Nothing out of this world in terms of taste but it remained a pretty decent dish, flawless.

I was feeling much better after this light meal and decided to continue my visit around Bangkok.

I few hours (and a shower) later i ended up visiting my first night market in Bangkok: Talad Neon Market. Ready to have a proper meal this time.


Talad neon market food bangkok

Talad neon is one of the largest night market of Bangkok located near the Central World shopping center.

My head was spinning from all the amazing food you can find there. I decided to stop at a joint called Ocean Seafood restaurant to eat some Seafood obviously.

I ordered the Curry Crab and Tom Yum Goong to try the original recipe in their respective country.


curry crab talad neon food bangkok
curry crab talad neon food bangkok

Oh man i love crab, it is not the easiest and most classy food to eat but damn it is sooo good when it is well prepared. I couldn’t resist ordering the Curry Crab when i saw that on the menu. The chef let you pick which crab you want to eat and the price is based on the size of the crab you select (you can always bargain a bit of course 😉 ).
Once the dish arrived i was ready for war. The plate was colourful and generous with this vibrant orange colour that the Curry Crab is known for.
The sauce was super creamy and tasty i wondered how what is this restaurant’s recipe. The crab itself was delicious as well. It is served pre-opened and cracked to make it easier for us to eat (you know it can be a pain sometimes). No manners here just use your hands to finish this baby and eat every bit of crab meat you can get.

This was a really good Curry Crab. A perfect score for my first dish at a night market in Bangkok.


TOM YUM food bangkok

I am a guy who likes spicy hot food and this Tom Yum wouldn’t disappoint. It has a great kick and was very tasty. My first reaction after sipping a spoon of the soup was; So they have been lying to us all this time in Europe! The taste was like unknown to me, a new discovery of flavours in Planet Foodie. The mix of lemongrass, galangal, chilli peppers, kaffir lime,… created a complex and delicious taste. So different from what i have experienced back at home.
The soup was really well garnished with a mix of seafood and two huge shrimps.

I have paid less than 400 baht for the two dishes and a bottled water. I definitely recommend this place, the food was amazing.

This concludes my first Food Escapade in Bangkok.

Stay Tuned for more!


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