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Afteryou MANGO STICKY RICE KAKIGORI, The BEST Dessert i had in Bangkok

To put it simply, the best dessert i had in a long time!


It was damn hot in Bangkok on that day. The weather was hardly bearable for the burnt lobster red tourist i had become. Yes, we call us like that in here, in fact you know who we are, the occidental tourists who the moment they arrive in Thailand, already mock the blasting sun with a way to open top tank, a short and a light dash of sunscreen. The lesson will never be learnt.
Anyway, I spent the day walking in the heat of the moment (yes i love that song) feeling like drowning in my own sweat and invincible at the same time.

Later on that day, i had a pretty decent dinner at the inferno aka the Ratchada Train Night Market. After that, i was trying to save my body and soul by cooling down with a cold and delicious dessert. This is where i had the revelation of the best dessert in town: AfterYou Mango & Sticky rice Kakigori

I walked a bit outside of the night market to visit the Esplanade Ratchadapisek’s Food court where i knew i could find several dessert options. After a bit of searching and looking at menus, i decided to visit the AfterYou Cafe who was the most appealing to me, especially considering they had what looked like an incredible Mango & Sticky Rice Kakigori.


after you logo

AfterYou dessert café is the story of Ms Kulapat Kanokwaranawan also known as May. She is the mastermind behind the success of AfterYou. Passionate about baking since childhood, she decided to follow her passion and take it to the next level by opening her own cafe (if you want to read more about her interesting story I invite you to follow this link and read her interview with owndays
The first AfterYou cafe opened back in 2007. In twelve years May has managed to shake the world of dessert in Bangkok and implement her brand as an unmissable place to visit with many Signature items like the Shibuya Honey Toast, Chocolate Lava Cake and the revisited Kakigori just to name a few.

The team at AfterYou dessert Cafe puts a high emphasis on making sure they use top-quality ingredients to make their dessert as delicious as possible. The same effort goes into their service, always polite and smiling, with an ordering system well organised. Overall the service i have experienced as always been top notch and efficient (I am saying that especially because they had to keep one of their cafe open for me half an hour extra just so i could order my Kakigori and enjoy it without much trouble. #JustPlaytheDumbTourist)

To keep it more down to earth and forget a bit about the sales pitch, AfterYou is a trendy dessert cafe where they serve absolutely stunning desserts. Think of the place where these cute foodies get their best Instagram shot and inspiration.

Now that you know a bit more about AfterYou, let’s talk about my discovery of the year, their incredibleMango & Sticky Rice Kakigori.



Ok before we go into the details of this experience let’s recap a bit.
If you don’t know what Kakigori is, it is probably the most refreshing dessert on earth. It is a dessert originating from Japan (かき氷). The recipe is one of the most simple you could find: A mountain of ice shaved topped with different sweet combinations (flavoured syrup, condensed milk,…). As Easy as A.B.C.

What’s Mango & Sticky Rice? No surprise here, as per the name; A good serving of tasty fresh Mango accompanied with glutinous sticky rice and a sweet coconut sauce to tie the whole thing into one of the most awesome and beloved dessert in Thailand.

AfterYou combined these two desserts in an original creation to give birth to the most amazing dessert i had in Bangkok so far.

A Visual Perfection

mango sticky rice kakigori afteryou

Here we are, fifteen minutes after ordering my first Mango & Sticky Rice Kakigori i could finally see the dessert coming.

We eat with the eyes first right? Before anything else, this dessert is a visual prowess. Balanced, colourful, a perfect shape, two sauces on the side. It is as if minimalist Scandinavian designers started working on desserts.

If you have eaten Japanese Kakigori before, you know the trick: it melts quickly. The ice shaved melts at ambient temperature and it becomes a nightmare to eat without rushing in order to avoid spilling.
The Kakigori at Afteryou does not melt at all, the consistency is more compact than simply shaved ice. The same goes for the sauce on top of the kakigori giving the impression of a snow mountain. The sauce is incredibly thick and creamy and doesn’t move whatever how long you wait before eating your dessert. So no reason to rush. That’s the only thing i am worried about when eating a Kakigori so thumbs up for this first good point.

A taste from Heaven…

mango sticky rice first bit

Enough talk about Hygge aesthetic, let’s dig into the only important matter: Taste.
Talking about digging, the first spoon i jabbed into this mountain of joy has been a revelation to me. Damn what is this incredibly refreshing taste! So many flavours melting together perfectly in my mouth,… huge grin appearing on my face, After you 1 – LeCaptain 0. It was as if the Bolshoi Ballet was performing there most amazing act with my taste buds: take that! Some sweetness, fruity, milky, coconutty flavours, refreshing, thick, creamy, soft, tender, silky, gooey, and it goes on and on,… the adjectives here don’t even do it justice.
This Kakigori has become my benchmark for dessert in 2019.

The texture of the Kakigori is really creamy and powdery, it goes down so smoothly and the taste is so good that you can’t stop eating more of it. The white sauce/cream on top has an amazing taste too and it compliments perfectly the dessert.
The Kakigori is served with a separate cup of this extra white sauce on the side. The other cup provided is filled with a delightful mango sauce. Super sweet and well flavoured. Use both of them to top up your dessert as you eat it.

Hiding even more awesomeness!

hidden treasure mango sticky rice kakigori

The amazing thing with this dessert is when you start digging into it you will quickly realise that the team as AfterYou has hidden real chunks of Mango and glutinous rice within the dessert. You know what to do next, mix the whole thing; The Kakigori, the white sauce, the rice, the mango and the two sauces provided together and you will start climbing the stairway to heavens. Flavour bomb guaranteed!
I was so surprised to discover that real mango & glutinous rice were hiding inside the dessert the first time i have tried it, that was a great surprise! The team really worked hard to create an original and unique Japanese-Thai fusion dessert. *Clap Clap Clap*

Also note that this dessert is huge. If you have eaten before you’d better still be still starving before ordering it. The huge chunks of Mango and rice hidden at the bottom of the cup might disgust you i you are already full or have a small appetite.

Cost wise i have paid 265 baht which is not on the cheap side in Bangkok but i will do it again with my eyes closed.


finished mango sticky rice kakigori

If you are not convinced yet, i don’t know what else to tell you? No honestly, they won’t donate 50% of their profit to a charity dedicated to saving baby unicorns. On this occasion, the only thing you will please is your belly and your soul, and trust me they will thank you for that.

“The Mango & Sticky Rice Kakigori at AfterYou Dessert Cafe is the best thing that can happen to you after a long day in the heat of Bangkok. It was for me the best dessert discovery of my trip to Bangkok, and probably of 2019. Do yourself a favour, order it next time you spot one of those dessert cafes.”

Overall: 5/5

Needless to say that i visited other AfterYou dessert cafe following this discovery. Always ordering the same Kakigori, without any disappointment so far. My next move will probably be to bring the concept back in Europe and the US in order to become the Philipp Plein of dessert cafe.

Stay tuned if you want to hear about how my Dessert Cafe business goes ;-).

With love


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