A Food Escapade in Ko Phi Phi.
Let me help you picture that for a second. Imagine your self in a Paradisiac Island, stress-free, your body lying down on the warm sand of a beautiful beach.
In front of you, nothing but a crystal clear sea waiting for you to cool you down. It’s your long well deserved holidays. You are surrounded by a beautiful and quiet nature.
The only things you have to worry about are the next cocktails you are gong to drink, the next amazing food you will eat and the next place where you will get a relaxing massage. Welcome to Ko Phi Phi.

food escapade ko phi phi
Ko Phi Phi – Paradisiac Island

If you have read my previous Food Escapade you know that following a friend’s recommendation i ended up spending a few days in what i call (in a good way) Hell in Heaven: Patong Pucket. After this interesting escapade, i decided to visit Ko Phi Phi for a week, despite the warning that yes the famous Maya Bay beach is currently closed. I was hoping to get decent food in Ko Phi Phi while enjoying the beautiful beaches and warm weather. The journey didn’t disappoint.


boat trip to ko phi phi

Going from Patong to Ko Phi Phi isn’t a complicated journey, you just have to go and see one of the many agencies in Phuket who will help you organize all of that (Don’t forget to negotiate the price). For 400 baht they took care of everything for me: the pick up at my hotel, the transfer to Rassada Pier and the ferry ticket for Ko Phi Phi. It was pretty cheap from my point of view.

The journey from Patong to Rassada was less than an hour and the ferry took an hour and a half to reach Tonsai pier in Ko Phi Phi. Paradise here i come.

I must admit that i was a bit worried while riding the Ferry from Phuket. The crowd of my fellow westerners going to Ko Phi Phi was getting pretty smashed already slurping beers after beers before reaching the coast. I couldn’t help but think Another party Island? Adios sweet quiet Paradise?


long beach

Lucky enough, i did my research before visiting Ko Phi Phi. It is indeed an island in Paradise but a famous Party island nevertheless. The Tonsai Pier area which is considered the center of the island or the place to be by many visitors, is a place you visit to enjoy the beach, get smashed and party.

I read that for a more quiet and relaxing time (make it Suntory time), the Long Beach side of the island was a more quiet and enjoyable place to go. That’s what i did. I wanted to just relax and unwind from everything for a few days.

When i first arrived at the Tonsai Pier i could definitely feel the energetic and vibrant atmosphere from all those party people.

The Long beachside was the perfect compromise for me, you are at walking distance from Tonsai Pier but at the same time, you can go and hide away from the crowd in your little quiet paradise. And talking about paradise, the accommodation i booked by the beach was simply amazing.

For those hesitating about what to do, if you want a relaxing time in Ko Phi Phi Long Beach is the place to go. No FOMO here, as previously mentioned you are at walking distance from everything. At the same time, you have supermarket available, nice restaurants (more about that in a second), massage parlor and agencies to book excursions who can pick you up directly at Long Beach.


blue sky resort
P.P. Blue Sky resort bungalow

What would be a dream destination without a dreamy accommodation? The P.P. Blue Sky Resort didn’t disappoint. A humble paradise in front of the beach. I didn’t want something particularly fancy when i looked for options at Long Beach. Especially knowing i would be spending my days by the beach or visiting the Island, my needs where quite simple: something by the sea, comfortable, spacious and at walking distance from everything.

P.P. Blue Sky Resort provides you with pretty decent bungalows (around 45sqm) with everything you need, TV, refrigerators, towels, free bottled water every day, soap refill and so on and so on,… The bungalows are located right by the beach (Some of them are really in front of the beach, you just open your door walk 10meters and jump on the sea). They all have a small terrace as well which is quite enjoyable if you forget about the mosquitos.
The hotel also provides the guests with a nice terrace by the beach where they serve a delicious free breakfast every morning (the pancakes are a must!). You can use the terrace for the rest of the day to do whatever you want (it was a nice spot for me to do some late blogging). They also provide you with a towel if you want to enjoy the beach, and long chairs are also available for the guests if you want to sunbath and relax.

breakfast long beach
breakfast at the PP Blue Sky resort
breakfast nutella banana pancake
Free delicious breakfast
Free delicious breakfast

Now that i have set up the scenery, let’s talk about the food in Ko Phi Phi. More especially the restaurants on the Long Beach side that i have visited during my stay there.

P.P. Blue Sky resort doesn’t have a proper restaurant but the hotels near by all have pretty decent restaurants that you can visit. I tried all of them during my stay here are my recommendations.

Paradise Pearl Restaurant: Amazing scenery and great food

A chilly and calming breeze by the beach, somewhere in paradise. I just woke up from an hour of a relaxing coconut oil massage. Stomach’s empty and i am ready to eat. Life is good.

I make my way to the Paradise Pearl Restaurant ready to continue this evening with a delicious meal. Table by the beach, a Chang to keep me relaxed. Let’s order.

restaurant ko phi phi long beach view
View from my table. It couldn’t get better than this. The picture doesn’t do it justice!
chang beer
Life is good

The set up of the Paradise Pearl Restaurant is amazing. The scenery is beautiful, you have wooden tables by the beach, a beautiful overall decoration, the sunset waiting for you and the sound of waves for background music.

I was hungry so i ordered many dishes: a Thai Omelette, a Tofu Curry and my favourite Pineapple rice

food in ko phi phi

The omelette was good as per the standard of a Thai Omelette. Tasty and well seasoned.


The Tofu curry was nice. The Curry itself was fragrant and creamy. The slices of Tofu were decent with a good texture. It was a generous dish.

tofu curry

The Pineapple rice with seafood was pretty filling and tasty. Nice shrimps, rice fried with veggies, chunk of ananas and cashew nuts. It lacked a bit of spice for me but the seasoning on the side helped bring some kick to this dish.

pineapple rice

There is one thing i didn’t enjoy that night and it happened regularly in Thailand: It’s the fact that they automatically serve you all your dishes at the same time. I know it makes sense when there are several people eating, but it is not convenient when you are on your own.

Overall it wasn’t the meal of the century but it was pretty decent Thai food in an idyllic place.

My only real downside on that evening is that i was hoping to do some stargazing while eating by the beach but it didnt happen, and i couldn’t see much stars. Nothing to do with the restaurant obviously. Always finding a good reason to complain, I guess i am still French after all!

Paradise Resort Phi Phi Restaurant:

Second night in the island and second dinner on Long Beach. This time i decided to try the Paradise Resort Phi Phi Restaurant, another 2 minutes walk from my place.

This restaurant also have a great set up with outside terrace, a smoking area with tables for smokers, and a beautiful view of the beach.

I went there two times and tried their coconut rice, braised chicken, satay chicken and Mango and Sticky Rice dessert.

The coconut rice was really delicious. Generous serving, really fragrant rice cooked with vegetables and chicken. The fun part is to use the spoon to get the remaining of the coconut inside and mix it with the rice. Yum! Another example of delicious food in ko Phi Phi

coconut rice

The braised Chicken is served with some veggies on the side. The chicken was well seasoned and cooked, the meat was really good. The dipping sauce on the side accompanied the chicken very well. The veggies were ok but didn’t add much to the dis. I think they were here as some kind of colorful side decoration (i guess?). Also I am not to sure what the sauce on the tomatoes was, Mayonnaise? It didn’t taste much or bring anything special to this dish. 

braised chicken

Who doesn’t like a good Satay chicken? This delicious Southeast Asian dish made from peanut butter, lime, soy sauce and other delicious ingredients. It was really good. I am also concerned the chicken would be overcooked and too dry with chicken skewers but it was ok.
The dipping sauce was the highlight of this plate, finger-licking, i asked for a refill to finish my chicken.

chicken satay

The Mango and Sticky rice dessert was the best part of my meal here. It was delicious! The mango was super fresh and really tasty. Even more tasteful that what i had so far in Thailand, i was really impressed (and probably lucky with my mango). The sticky rice was well done and the white sauce was perfectly prepared. So yummy.

mango sticky rice

Phi Phi Beach Resort Restaurant:

Third one on the list, Phi Phi Beach Resort Restaurant. This one has a slightly more upscale vibe in comparison to the other restaurants. You can feel it in the details such as the waiters behaviour, the set up of the dinner tables, and the great fire show happening every nights around 9pm in front of the restaurant.

I wasn’t feeling hungry on that night and i simply ordered a pineapple fried rice with seafood (excuse the poor picture quality the lightning was really bad).

Taste wise it was good, not above nor below the previous one i had elsewhere. Huge chunk of seafood on top and inside which was great. I could tell that the cooks were consciously trying to provide authentic Thai cuisine for the guests.
A great place to visit, especially if you are staying in the long beach side of the island and wants to see a great fire show without the hassle of moving to Tonsai Pier.

Blue Moon Restaurant:

Blue Moon Restaurant is the restaurant located further up on the coast. A 10 minutes walk on the beach from the hotel. It was only the one with the least appreciable dining area. It is a harsh way to phrase but don’t get me wrong, it is still a small and cozy great restaurant with a beach view. It is just that the others were slightly above from my point of view, this one was slightly more humble.
I ordered a Stir Fried chicken with garlic and pepper, a dish of stir-fried morning glory and a roti.

The stir fried chicken with Garlic and Pepper was pretty good. The meat was tender and the sauce fragrant. Mix it with the rice and you have a pretty satisfying dish. Not sure what the tomato and cucumber were here for expect add a bit of color to the plate.

stir fried chicken and rice

The stir fried morning glory with shrimps were also tasty. Cooked in a delicious sauce. I could have had two more plates of those.


Concerning the Roti, i should have guessed something was wrong when the waitress asked me if i wanted my Roti to be served with the other items.
In my mind, a Roti is a delicious side dish that you can eat with your starter or main, here it was a dessert. A sweet roti served with a lot of sugar on top. I mean, why not? I was a bit surprised at first but i couldn’t complain having something sweet for dessert. They should have been more clear in their menu though.
The only thing is that the Roti was way too heavy for me. Too sugary and oily. I could feel each slices cementing my stomach. It would have been nicer with less sugar on top and a spoon of vanilla ice cream or whipped cream to help to put down this little best.

sweet roti

Having tried all the restaurants on the long beach side of Ko Phi Phi, i can tell you that my favourite meal was at the Paradise Pearl Restaurant. My only downside is that they don’t have a good Mango Sticky rice for dessert. However, you could just walk 5 minutes from this restaurant to the Paradise Resort restaurant to order their pretty good Mango Sticky rice.

Overall the food in Ko Phi Phi long beach was pretty good. You will not have a mind-blowing dinner experience there, but it is quite decent authentic Thai food in a scenery that is certainly mind-blowing.

If i had my worries when arriving at the Ko Phi Phi’s Pier, i can tell you that escaping to the Long Beach side of the island was probably the best move i did. I was hoping to have a relaxing time and Ko Phi Phi didn’t disappoint. It was indeed heaven’s on earth and also the highlight of my trip to Thailand.

That’s it for this relaxing food escapade in Ko Phi Phi, Stay tuned for more!



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